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May 10, 2007 08:12 PM

Best desserts in the city?

I'm coming to New York next month on a restaurant research trip, especially for desserts...Asian-inspired in particular. Truth be told, I don't really know where to go. I'm planning on Bouchon, P*Ong, Kyotofu, Chikalicious, Room 4 Dessert & Tailor (hopefully) so far.
So, where else should I go?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. You should definitely visit Cha-An in the east village for great Japanese style desserts and a whole range of tea.
        And if you're not just looking for desserts on the higher end, Asians love their icy desserts during summer time and the Whatever Cafe in Chinatown has got very yummy, slightly healthy fruit based desserts such as the very popular mango pudding and now, fresh durian pudding.
        And as overhyped as the union square cafe maybe, its banana tart is my favorite dessert/comfort food in town

        1. Beard Papa's and/or Choux Factory. (Japanese cream puffs which are filled to order.) Go to the bakeries in Chinatown or Flushing. Maybe Pinkberry in Korea Town.

          1. They have a couple of fantastic desserts at Yakitori Totto: the apricot kernel tofu and the green tea pudding (see photo). The grapefruit jelly at Sugiyama is fantastic if you want to do a kaiseki dinner.

            Some non-Asian favorites of mine are the warm semolina pudding with lemon curd at Lavagna (but they don't always serve it), the coconut flan at Esperanto, the basboussa (semolina cake) at Olive Vine in Brooklyn, torrejas at El Cid, cannelles at Petrossian cafe, and gelato at Osteria del Circo (they have a stand outside in the summer).

            And don't miss Minimoto Kitchoan for beautiful japanese sweets.


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              M.K.: beautiful but dont taste so great...
              Another Japanese place with reliably good dessert is Soba-ya.
              Sakagura does an excellent multi-course dessert, reminds me of Chika's work.