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May 10, 2007 07:56 PM

horrible experience at peking duck house on mott

craving chinese food, my wife insisted that we go to peking duck house.

we ordered chicken and corn soup, sauteed duck and pork with sauteed string beans.

the soup came, but the guy had already doled it out into two bowls. the rest of the soup was left in the bowl as he served us. he did not leave the soup on our table but took the rest of it to the kitchen. when i was done w/ my soup, i asked one of the waiters where the rest of the soup was. he said, "only two bowls". i wondered, what if there were four people, would we only get half bowls? strike 1.

the dishes came and it just wasn't very good. the sauteed duck was immersed in a thick sauce which overwhelmed the dish. pork and string beans were okay.

we noticed everyone else had a fruit plate for dessert. our bill came w/ two chintzy fortune cookies! i didn't even bother asking them for the fruit.

bill came to $29.64. i left them $30. i'm never going back again.

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  1. why would you order chicken and corn soup at peking duck house? why would you order chicken and corn soup at ANY chinese restaurant aside from chinese take out? i agree on their service, i find it too haughty. if you're feeling generous, try their peking duck, their fried dumplings and maybe a fried rice with a vegetable dish (ask for bok choy or tung choy- it's hollow in the middle or just ask the waiter what he suggests, even the sauteed string beans would be good) ... as a rule, in any chinese restaurant, check out what others (specifically if they look like locals or chinese) are eating. and if the name is peking duck house ....