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May 10, 2007 07:55 PM

Old-school breakfast in Greensboro, NC?

Traveling from Raleigh to Blowing Rock on a Thursday.

Seeking a traditional old-school/family-run breakfast spot in Greensboro area. I'm a 27-year Raleigh resident and staunch defender of the simpler southern lifestyle that's quickly departing us, if that helps.

Have read some non-chowhound posts on Tex & Shirley's Family Restaurant (seems up my alley) and Smith's City Diner (sounds more nouveau, but interesting -- like Humble Pie in Raleigh?).

Can anyone give thumbs up/down to these or recommend others?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Tex & Shirley's is a reliable pick.

    For simple stuff there's Herbie's on Battleground Ave and Alpat on E. Bessemer. Haven't been in 25 years but Coliseum Country Cafe and Spring Valley Restaurant both had excellent scratch-made biscuits.

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      I second Alpat and Spring Valley (Meadowview Road at Randleman Road, not far off the Interstate). Old school southern at its best.

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        The absolute best is the Smith Street Diner - very old school - very old southern - 438 Battleground Ave 336-379-8666

    2. Alpat's is closed. Tex & Shirley's is good. Great story - owner was retiring, former dishwasher (latino) bought the restaurant. located in Friendly shopping center with new location in HP too - near 68. I LOVE Smith Street diner in downtown greensboro - you have never seen a biscuit so big and the coffee (counter culture) is great (unlike Tex & Shirley - swill). Smith street is very homey seeming - reminds me of a breakfast place in the Height in SF. Owner originally owned Bistro Sofia - excellent fine dining in Greensboro. Pictures of his baby daughter sofia (named after her great-grandmother) on the wall. You won't be disappointed.

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        I can't believe Alpats is sad. Seems like all the good old style places are closing. Or maybe I'm just getting old!

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          Special thanks. Looks like we'll be rockin' Smith's soon...

        2. Thanks y'all. It's great to count on you -- and Chowhound!

          1. I was visiting Greensboro, April 9-11, 2010 (I'm a bit surprised no one has replied/updated since 2007). I Googled best breakfast in Greensboro, NC and up popped CHOWHOUND. I read through the comments,the deciding factor for Smith Street Diner was kirgirl's comment on "coffee". You can tolerate a bad cup at any other point in the day but the first Needs to be great.
            What A Treasure!!!
            Arriving about 11:00 AM there was a line of about 15 people, very eclectic, Church family, casual family, 3 bicyclists, and 2 workers. Someone in the crowd said you need to go in and sign in then come back out to wait. The space is tight you can eat at the counter or wait for a table. I chose the counter. I had the Home Made Corned Beef Hash !!! REAL!!! Corned Beef done in the brine with the herbs & spices I have not had corned beef that awesome since my aunt, her's was to die for. I have found her second. They advertise "Fresh Squeezed" orange juice, most of the time you think "yeah right" you can watch your juice being squeezed. The juicer sits behind the counter. The biscuits, I ordered some to go. The coffee I bought a pound of beans "Counter Culture" is the brand and I will find if I can have some shipped to my home. Before you think nut case, I have been in Food & Beverage (Manager Hotel Fine Dining) 20 + years I was staying at the Marriott their wait staff excellent the food not. One thing I have learned in traveling, Eat where the locals eat they know the best places. I get to Greensboro a few times a year I Will be returning to Smith Street Diner

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              This morning's breakfast at Smith Street Diner proved that it's still a winner. All omelets are the same price, no matter how many ingredients you add. I had ham, cheese, onions, mushrooms, and green peppers added to mine. The flavor of all ingredients was top-notch. I generally prefer a fluffy omelet with the ingredients added to the egg before cooking, but I liked this thin, fried omelet folded around the add-ins very much. The fried potatoes that came with it were cut in big chunks and fried deep brown and crusty--delicious. There was also real butter (hard to find in lots of breakfast places around here) and a good selection of jams. Apple butter is available for a small charge. My husband's plain pancakes were good, nothing special, but then he ordered them plain. Blueberry topping and fresh banana slices are available with the pancakes. His bacon was very good quality, meaty and smoky as opposed to thin and greasy. We've only gone there on Saturdays before, but rarely choose it because it's too busy and noisy for our taste, but today (a Thursday) it was much more pleasant for a relaxing meal.

              Smith Street Diner
              438 Battleground Ave, Greensboro, NC 27401

            2. I know this is an old thread, but just wanted to mention Danny's on New Garden for breakfast, haven't been in a while, so it could have changed, but it has always been my favorite for breakfast, even way back when they were on Wendover, before Danny retired the first time. Tenderloin and eggs with gravy, and their biscuits were heavenly, large but not crumbly. Maybe I'll head back over there this weekend after bringing this up. Live in High Point now, so don't go that way as much anymore.