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May 10, 2007 07:45 PM

Kobe Beef

Where can I buy Kobe beef in Los Angeles? Preferrably on the westside.

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      1. re: lisamp29

        I believe all you're going to find is American Wagyu. I think they've eased the restrictions on the importing of Japanese Kobe beef in the US, but I think with the demand you'll be hard pressed to find it, think most of it goes to high end restaurants in places like Las Vegas.

      2. re: Burger Boy

        vicente foods has snake river farms american kobe which is very good

      3. Be aware that except for one or two restaurants, most of the Kobe beef sold in the U.S. is a hybrid, American Kobe beef, which is not the same as the meat you get in Japan. I looked for a source for real Japanese beef for a long time and could never find one. I found some American Kobe beef online but to me it wasn't worth the money to gamble. I just can't imagine it could be as good.

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        1. re: bohemiana

          Bristol Farms usually has Kobe beef...the real ahead for availibility. Whole Paycheck(Foods..sorry) might also

          1. re: bohemiana

            i had kobe beef at matsuhisa and thought i could have made better meat at home. i suppose it was american kobe i had. time to plan a trip to japan...

            1. re: phant0omx

              not a store but "cut" has the real deal....i know this for sure since my friend's company is packaging them for japanese company that is importing the beef

          2. Just a fun bit of information Costco sells a 3 pound box of frozen Wagyu beef for $99 in the refrigerated section and if I remember correctly its already pre-cooked you just reheat it, think it was like a prime rib.

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            1. re: monku

              For about a year, trader joes had frozen kobe beef hamburgers which were american kobe beef, but they were UNREAL, each burger had around 70grams of fat, you didn't even need to put any condiments on the burgers, that's how good they were. They were made by Snake River Farms out of Idaho, they imported a heard of wagyu in the early 90's. unfortnately, as SO often is the case, joe's doesnt have them any more

              1. re: olsenc

                I tried a box and they weren't bad. TJ's probably was a test market for them and they probably can't get enough anymore.

                1. re: monku

                  Snake River is the place the put Kobe American beef on the map....they were/are able to get full price for their product. They do not nee TJ's and their cut rate program to sell their meat. It is good stuff...we buy it for our catering business

            2. Real Kobe? (I've had most of the American types of KOBE and it's all CRAP!)
              Japanese 12A grade? (Urasawa quality)
              IMP has it for about $1400- per 16lb piece (approx 85- per lb). 3 week lead time.
              Don't laugh some of you are paying 320- per lb (20- per oz = 320-lb) at CUT for 5A quality which isn't even close to Urasawa quality? (higher the # the better it is)

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              1. re: russkar

                Here is a picture of Hiro-san's beef, from Fukushima prefecture, which we tried on our most recent visit to Urasawa. Sublime.

                Urasawa Restaurant
                218 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210