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May 10, 2007 07:42 PM

K.S. Steakhouse in Brooklyn

Has anyone been to the new K.S. Restaurant and Catering Hall at 3501 Quentin Road, in Brooklyn? The steakhouse was scheduled to open on April 24th. I'm looking forward to hearing some detailed reviews.

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  1. O.K. Got tired of waiting for the reviews, so we checked it out for ourselves.
    Pro's: It's an attractive upscale restaurant. (Though unfortunately, it's located on a pretty unattractive looking block, which might look nicer during the day when the other businesses are open. In the evening, all the grafittied metal gates were down, and it looked a little seedy.)
    The menu had a very nice, and varied selection of items.
    The soup of the day, which I ordered, was Italian Wedding Soup. It was a chicken type soup, with spinach, egg drops, and flavorful mini meatballs. It was delicious.
    My husband ordered the tomato bisque soup (which seemed to have a smokey flavor), from the menu, and also enjoyed it very much.
    We both ordered steak. I chose the Delmonico, which was delicious. He chose the rib steak, which was also very flavorful, but he found it a bit too fatty (a lot of waste), and preferred mine.
    The steaks came with a choice of three sauces: a shallot/wine reduction; a peppercorn sauce; or a Bernaise (mayonnaise based?)
    We had the shallot, and the peppercorn, both on the side. The steaks were really good even without any sauce, but we also enjoyed it with the peppercorn best. For our taste, the flavor of the shallot was a bit too overpowering for the flavor of the steak.
    For desserts we had the combo chocolate and peanut butter mousse, which was very nice, and the hot chocolate cake oozing chocolate sauce, which was also good.
    The staff, including the host (I'm not sure if he was the owner? maitre d'?) were very pleasant. (Though our waiter was a bit too overbearing)

    The con:
    The loud music from the party (Bar Mitzvah?) in the next room was pretty disturbing, and took away from the otherwise nice ambience. It was even worse, when the door between the two rooms was held open for periods of time.

    I would recommend this place, and would like to go back to try some of the other interesting sounding menu items - chicken, fish, etc., but I have to say that I might have to twist my husband's arm, since he did leave with a headache from the loud music next door, which I too agree was annoying and intrusive to a pleasant dining experience.

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      Out of curiousity, what did they charge for the Delmonico? That is my favorite, Prime Grill for some strange reason only serves it once a week, so I like to keep tabs on kosher places that carry Delmonico and their prices. Here in the 5 towns Bistro Grill carries it on their menu. In fact I just had one last night by them, wonderfull, didn't need any of the three sauces that they brought. I believe they charged $46 for the steak.

      1. re: MartyB

        I'm pretty sure that the K.S. Delmonico was $39.

    2. I was just there Monday night and had a wonderfully bad experience. After taking our order, the waitress informed our party that they were out of short ribs, which didn't matter since I ordered a prime rib. After waiting around 45 minutes, the waitress finally brought us our food, and proudly handed me the rib eye steak I didn't order.

      When I informed her of her mistake, she fibbed and told me that when she informed us about the unavailability of the prime rib steaks, she was pretty certain that I changed my mind and told her to give me a rib eye steak.

      I got very upset with her at that moment for trying to be a conniving little witch, and told her that it was my sibling who ordered the unavailable short ribs, and that I never said anything about wanting a rib eye steak.

      When I asked her to bring me a prime rib steak instead, she insisted that I try the rib eye, and elaborated on how its the most popular steak ordered. When I told her I wasn't interested, and that I wanted the prime rib, she lied again and told me that the kitchen was now out of prime ribs. After waiting 45 minutes for the dishes to arrive, I didn't have the patience to argue with her, so I told her to just leave me the rib eye steak.

      That was until I had a bite of the most dry and tasteless steak I've ever had in my life. Thinking I was perhaps crazy, I asked my brother in law to evalute a piece for me. After tasting it, he tells me that I think my steak is terrible, I should try his Delmonico steak, which for apparently no reason the chef decided to reduce to a meaty pile of charcoal. (FYI, we both asked for medium-well done steaks.)

      That was the proverbial back-breaking straw. I got up and headed to the bar where the manager was hovering, and informed him of the shenanigans taking place. Little did I know that he would pick up where the waitress left off.

      He told my brother in law that the Delmonico steak has to be overcooked on the outside in order for the inside to be cooked. I'm not a exactly a steak connoisseur, but I suspect that reducing the steak to charcoal is waypast overcooking it.

      He told us that he would fix it up for us- getting my brother in law another Delmonico cooked just right, and for me- yes, the prime rib I was told moments before is unavailable.

      Before anyone's hope is raised, they brought us what was promised after 10 minutes of waiting, throughout which the other dinner guests let their plates grow cold so that we could eat together.

      The new, improved Delmonico steak was this time undercooked, practically rare in some parts, and comprised of a huge glob of fat in the center, perhaps 50% of the entire steak surface area.

      The prime rib steak was unappetizing. Seven medium sized bites later is all it took. It was decent, but not worth the money. The onion curlies, or whatever you call them were harsh and practically unedible, making me suspect that I was treated to a reheated special.

      As we were finishing up, the waitress brought us the receipt and told us that the prime rib steak I ordered was "on the house". Strangely they didn't offer us any desserts, and just brought us the bill without request for it. At that point we knew we were pariahs, undesired for daring to disturb their quiet complacency.

      We quickly paid and were about to leave when we decided to share our experience with friends of ours who were waiting over 30 minutes for their dinner. As we were standing there and talking with them, their waitress made it a point to bring them free salads for being patient. Our friends joked that we should hang around their table longer so that they get more free food.

      I'm truly disappointed by the entire experience, and never want to go back there. I'm hoping that the upcoming "T [Fusion?] Steakhouse" down the avenue will be worth the shlep to that neighborhood in the near future, as Brooklyn can use more upscale meat restaurants.