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May 10, 2007 07:39 PM

Cookshop or Prune equivalent?

I need another gem that is on par with Cookshop, Prune, Mas... funky, down to earth, good wine and excellent food. Preferably midtown or downtown. Suggestions?

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  1. Redcat? Little Owl? If you want to go a little nicer, how about Wallse? Good luck!

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    1. re: JeremyEG

      I second all of Jeremy's recs and will add August.

      1. re: Lucia

        THANK!! I loved RedCat and have been trying to get into Little Owl with little luck...I may try August.

        1. re: lydlag

          August is very nice. I've been there three times in the last year. The best ordering advice I can give is to ask the watier for his/her recommendations. Often the best dish is the one that no one would have considered, based on the description on the menu.