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May 10, 2007 07:19 PM

Advice - One Last Culinary Walking Adventure

My former roommate and dear, dear friend is moving out of the city. She and I have spent many a happy Sunday walking through Queens and Brooklyn, exploring the gastronomic delicacies to be found in our favorite boroughs. I want to take her on one last extravaganza. Any suggestions on neighborhoods/restaurants to hit? We've done Rego Park, Brighton Beach, Flushing, Coney Island Ave., Sheepshead Bay, Greenpoint/Williamsburg, and Forest Hills. Where should we go next? Thanks in advance!

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  1. How about Jackson Heights? Hit 74th Street for Indian; Roosevelt Ave. for variety of Mex. So. American; Also Sri and Spicy Mina in nearby Woodside. I love Taqueria Coatzingo (there are a couple of stores I go to the one on 82nd Baxter Ave. Enjoy.

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      I second the suggestion. It doesn't sound as if you've been here, and this is definitely a food walkers stretch of terrain. The different cuisines are right up next to each other, and if you started in Woodside with Sriprphai, you could also pick up something Filipino on the way to JH and some of those Korean friend wings. But even if you wanted to start around 74th for the Indian subcontinent with some chat and sweets on 37th or chicken tikka with naan at Kabab King, you could head up Roosevelt toward South America/Mexico from there and get a taco at Coatzingo, a buñuelo and coffee at Cositas Ricas and... well, the possibilities are fairly endless. Or if you went down Broadway from 74th in the Elmhurst direction (the other direction leads you to Spicy Mina's), you will encounter Indonesian, various Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and some other things sandwiched in. In the few blocks radiating from the station at Roosevelt/74th/Broadway, you also have the Burmese Cafe, Chili Chicken which is Chinese-Indian and several Thai places.
      It all depends on the space in your stomach.

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        i actually have done a fair amount of Jackson Heights and Woodside (just not on these walks), but there are a lot of good suggestions in these postings that I haven't tried, so I think we'll re-do the neighborhood. Thanks so much! I'll report back on our walk...

      1. Another Queens thought is Astoria, focusing on Steinway St. You have Egyptian and other middle east, Greek, Yugoslav, Mexican, Columbian and lots more. But if you have a car, for something a little different, I would recommend Arthur Ave. in the Bronx. Better on Saturday than Sunday, but you should do OK on Sunday as well.