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May 10, 2007 07:16 PM

Suggestions for Macon/Warner Robins area?

OK GA chowhounds! - Come on out and fill a gal in on what's what in your neck of the woods. I'm moving from Chain-Restaurant Central (oops, Tampa Bay) to Warner Robins in the next few weeks, and want to know good places to grub at. I think I'm chain-immune at this point, so if you all have some good down-home suggestions (read: non-chain!), please holler up. :)

(I'm also looking for good alternatives to Wild Oats and/or Whole Foods. I'm a carnivore, but I do love tofu and organic stuff. So, if you know of any natural foods stores in those areas, post up!)

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  1. If you like hot dogs, Macon's main claim to fame may be Nu-way, which has several locations around the area but is local. Good dogs, very cheap. You can Google them to get specifics on locations, but I'm pretty sure they have one or two near WR.

    1. It's a little outside Macon but Buckners Family Restaurant! It's family style dining, all you can eat for around $12. You sit around a table with people you don't know and the biggest lazy susan you'll ever see. Fried chicken is always on the menu and they alternate the second meat option. I always go on bbq day. Check their hours though, they aren't open daily. Here's a link with more info and pictures.

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        Thanks to both of you. :) I was in Warner Robins over the weekend to sign the lease on our new home, and was pretty impressed with the number of mom-and-pop places there. (And the fact that Publix was there, also!) Looks like I'm going to have a good ol' time chow-hounding my way through Warner Robins. lol

      2. OK, here's the skinny on Warner Robins. I was just there for a week and I sampled different restaurants every day.
        Near Robins AFB, you have:
        "The Boarding House" where for $7.49 you sit at long picnic tables and they place platters of ribs and fried chicken; bowls of greens, corn, macaroni/cheese, cabbage, potato salad, and black eyed peas; biscuits and cornbread; and banana pudding. Sweet tea is no extra charge. This lunch only hog troph is one of a kind and I did not need to eat dinner that night. 5 stars on the full belly-ometer.
        "When Pigs Fly" is an a la carte mom&pop BBQ nearby. That was pretty good.
        A better BBQ is at Russell & Houston Lake Rd called "Georgia Bob's." The pretty girl behind the counter offered me a sample plate while I tried to decide what I was eating for dinner. She gave me a plate with a rib, a glob of pulled pork, brunswick stew, baked beans, cole slaw, potato salad, and chicken salad. I was half full before I ordered. I got the ribs & pork special with 2 sides, bread, and sweet tea for under $10. Good clean seating area & mgmt makes sure you are happy. 2 thumbs up.
        "Carino's" (may be a chain) on Watson is one of the best Italian meals I have ever had. For $12-13 I had gorgonzola penne pasta (incredibly good) and soup or caesar salad is unlimited. Put this one on your list.
        "Buffalo's" has trivia contests Tuesdays and Thursdays. The wings are good, but the guys with me rated everything else other than wings "lousy".
        "Tacito's" (sp) is a Mexican restaurant in a strip mall 4 or 5 miles from the base. My super nachos had a pool of liquid cheese underneath and I had to eat it with a fork. It sucked, but my friend's burrito looked good. Enter at your own risk.
        "Ichiban" got bad reviews from my friends. Locals said "Zen" is the best Japanese.
        Bon Appetit & Good Luck.

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          Hammerhead, you rock. :) I finally made the move here to WR and had the displeasure of eating at a place on Watson that called itself a country buffet - the food was really lousy and had left me thinking there had to be SOMETHING that wasn't a chain and that was a lot better.

          Funny that I'm running into this post tonight, as we're looking for a place to have some dinner. Carino's is a chain, but you know something... I'll be there if it means good food! lol

          Thanks, Hammerhead. You're a wealth of information. :)

        2. For fine dining, try Marco's italian in north Macon, Tic Toc Room downtown on MLK for as NY-esque as Macon gets, Luigi's is great Italian downtown, Bert's downtown for a good lunch, the Downtown Grille for a pub-like atmosphere. All of these are owned by locals (somehow, lots of Italian locals no joke!).

          As for Nu-Way, beware! They're really good, but hot pink (I'm sure that's natural, right?!).

          For tofu etc, try Annie's Natural Foods downtown. good luck!

          1. All good suggestions on this thread, but your forgetting what GA is famouse for ... PEACHES. Lanes Package Company on hwy 96W. They have a great salad bar, awesome home made soups, and great desserts. Try it out you'll love the PEACH COBBLER with homemade peach ice cream!