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May 10, 2007 06:23 PM

East Harlem Mexican?

Sorry, hounds, need help. Someone posted a tantalizing chow tip in the past week or two, and I can't find it for the life of me. IIRC, it was a place on 116th St or thereabouts, between 2nd or 3rd. If you could direct me to that thread, or just chime in about your own East Harlem favorites, I'd be quite thankful.

I've been to El Paso and Itzocan multiple times, but would love to branch out and welcome recommendations.

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  1. One of the best places in that area is Creole on 118th St. and 3rd Avenue. It is Cajun food that is delicious. They have great lunch prices as well. Another great restaurant is El Nuevo Caridad on 116th and 2nd. The name is popular but the food is outstanding. As for Mexican, I have been to La Hacienda on 116 between 3rd and Lex which was very good but I have heard that Taco Mix which is on 116, I think betwwen 2nd and 3rd, is supposed to be the best.

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      Thanks so much--the recent post was definitely about Taco Mix--just wish I could find it!

      I don't love La Hacienda, but I was there a long time ago. Staff was lovely, so I really wanted to like it, but the food was lackluster and the cleanliness left loads to be desired. What do you like there?

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        Is this the post?

        I havent been to this area in years, but there used to be a lot of places on 3 av between 106 and 116, and on 116 between 2nd and Park. And of course on 116 and 1st is Italian Harlem, or what's left of it.

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          "Incredible tacos, fantastic Sopes, super fresh salsas" Again, I'm tantalized. That's exactly the post I was looking for (and I responded to it, and still couldn't find it! Duh). Brian S, you're the greatest! Thanks.

          The East 116th St area seems like a trove of great Mexican chow. My goal is to spend some time exploring the area this summer. As for Italian East Harlem, well, I think Patsy's is what's left. Despite the Big Dog's lackluster experience there: , it's a great local option for me.

          The other place in that area is the new location of La Marmite, which I haven't hit yet: 172 East 118th St (btwn Lex and 3rd Ave)

        2. re: rose water

          I went to La Hacienda May 6th during the street festival. They had specials for that day, I believe it was steak with oninons, peppers, and cheese. I do not recall the name of the dish but it was great. Taco Mix is on the South side of 116th, either betwwen 2nd and 3rd or 3rd and Lex. I have never eaten there but all the locals say it is great.

      2. i can't go near 116th street without stopping at michelle deli & grocery (i think between 2nd and 3rd) for a tongue taco. there's a counter in the back.

        1. San Francisc de Assis, Lex btwn 110 and 111. Delicious mole poblano and pretty good tacos.

          1. I think you're definitely talking about Taco Mix. I myself found it by accident and LOVE it! Reminds me of the taco stands in Mexico City, though you can actually eat all the great sauces here without fear! I also love the woman who sets up shop outside on Sundays and sells tamales, corn on the cob, mangos and "chicharrones" (the flour, not the pork kind).

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              taco mix is a favorite of mine as well. get the ear taco, which comes out of a simmering braising cauldron. it is tender and gelatinous. yum!