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May 10, 2007 05:27 PM

what pickles?

A dear friend in Guadaljara wants me to bring her deli pickles. She says that the ones they get down there don't have the right flavor. I myself, I like claussen and other refrigerated pickles. Kraft foods gave no good answer to whether or not their product (claussen) could withstand 5-6 hours of travel time. So, the 2 questions are:

1. Just how risky would be keeping regfrigerated pickles in a cold bag with a couple of Blue Ice packs for 4-6 hours? In your opinion of course.

What's your favorite national or west coast brand of room-temperature stored pickles?



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  1. You are talking pickles here, not raw meat! LOL, they will withstand some good travel time, after all they are preserved already.

    I, myself would be more concerned with what she means by deli pickles with the right taste. What I consider a good deli pickle would not be Claussen, for example. She like crunchy, briny, soggy, garlic, sweet sorta...etc?

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      I think they way you saidwhat she wanted is those big salty type that you usually
      in those big gallon jars at the butcher or meat dept. at your local market.

    2. I'd order 2-4 quarts and a good variety from these guys, bundle them up somehow, and take them with you. Heck, 6 hours isn't that long.

      1. Get a few jars of Ba-Tampte from the refrigerated pickle section and don't worry about the travel time. As other say, they pickles are preserved. They will keep at room temp for several days or more just fine.