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May 10, 2007 05:16 PM

Great eats near Sheraton University City?

A friend and I have one night next week at the Sheraton University City and are wondering about a great place for drinks and a great place for dinner (maybe even the same place?) We're both married and in our late 20's, so no need for a pick-up scene. Looking for something somewhat upscale but not stuffy with really good food of pretty much any type of cuisine (maybe leaning toward fresher, healthier fare). Oh, we do have a car so can drive somewhere if necessary.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. one place not to miss is Tria! the website should explain it all. Stay away from Pod/Penne. If you must dine in U-City go to Marigold Kitchen
    Marigold Kitchen
    501 S. 45th Street

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      I stayed there last summer...pretty good place. I recommend the White Dog Cafe on Sansom St. Enjoy!

      1. re: ddfry3

        The White Dog has a wonderful atmosphere at great vibe. But I think the food really falls short of greatness. My two meals there weren't worthy of the cost. I like rsims advice.