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May 10, 2007 05:00 PM

Atlantic City

I know this weekend is going to be busy due to Mothers Day,.... but any suggestions of good places to eat outside of the Casinos? Not looking to eat Mexicn or Chinese. Thanks!

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  1. Can you give more info on what you are looking for, how outside the casinos, will ya drive?, how much you wanna spend? Stuff like that.

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    1. re: Quine

      My hubby and I are going to see Rod Stewart at Borgata and staying in Brigantine that night. We began our search with Specchio(sp?) Ombria, Bobby Flays in the Borgata, but they only had LATE reservations available, and I want to make the show!!! We are looking for GOOD food in a nice atmosphere... We liked to be done eating by 7 to make the 8:00clock show.

      We are travelling from Philly mid day ...

      1. re: layla529

        The buffet at the Borgata is amazing, not your standard any kind of buffet, except maybe top end cruise ship. It is pricey, but you are eating way above average food.

        1. re: layla529

          DON'T go to Speccia even if there are reservations. I took a bunch of friends here from out of town and was terribly disappointed. They are foodies like me and we left with a very bad taste in our mouths. Not one of our 4 appetizers was edible and it actually smelled like someone had been sick in the bar area. The Borgata is definitely out of the way but the restaurants in the French Quarter in the Tropicana are generally good.

          1. re: dealop

            Wish I would have read this before going to Speccios...The food was soooo ordinary for the ridciulously high prices...Veal Milanese-$59??? and I had better elsewhere for around $25.00. The servers and manager treated us soo nicely upon our arrival. Once our order was placed, and entree delieved to us, we were forgotten about... We literally had to flag down other servers to ask for salt and pepper etc.... Our meal ticket with 2 drinks(1 each) for two people was over 200.00 no salad, 1 shared appetizer..I had quite a few "$50.00-70.00" better meals then this joint offerd... Oh the hype!

      2. i like docks oyster house and knife and fork in AC. they have amazing food, much better than the casinos, which run hot and cold

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