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May 10, 2007 04:44 PM

Roadhouse Grill

Locally known as roadkill I know why....lunch, today in Tallahassee location...the waitress disappeared, literally. I think she walked off the job after serving our beverages. We had to track down manager to seek a replacement. Meanwhile french dip sandwich sat under heatlamp for about 25 minutes, rendering it dried out. Bread crunchy as styrofoam and just as tasty. The purported jus I think was hot water with a buillion cube dissolved in it with some extra salt just in case.

Always be wary of a place that people's first reaction is: Hey, isn't that the place where you can eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floor?

Well, yes, and that is the best thing about it.

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  1. I glanced at this heading quickly, and thought it said Road Kill.

    1. I've had both good and bad experiences there... so I generally stick with a sandwich. The first time I went to one (my parents had been a few times), both my mom and I ordered the prime rib that was on special. She ordered hers medium and I ordered mine medium well. They both came out mooing. It took sending them back 3 times to get them right... For some reason, my brother and parents still like the place. The one in Orlando on Orange Ave. isn't that good, but the one on 192 in Kissimmee wasn't awful and had decent service.

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        I like the peanuts, the rolls, and the Messy Sundae. Ummmm, I guess what I am saying is I like everything BUT the food off the menu. I would imagine it falls into a "great for kids" place.