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Espresso Roma: worst pizza in Berkeley?

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A friend wanted to meet at this cafe on Hopkins Street for lunch. I'd only had the expensive-but-okay coffee there and thought that sitting under the trees would be pleasant. I was glad when I arrived that the place was uncrowded. (Not that I have anything against mommies groups, but sometimes the place is wall to wall strollers.) I don't care for focaccia sandwiches so I agreed to share a pizza. While we were waiting, two guys sat down with pizza from Gioia across the street. At least they bought coffee. Unlike the guy who came in with a bag lunch and bought nothing. I guess they knew something I didn't.

It was the greasiest pizza I have ever seen. Oil covered the cheese and soaked all the way through the crust to cover the plate. It also had WAY too much cheese. I removed half from my slice and still more of it oozed off onto the plate. Worst of all, the crust had a strange fermented, almost alcoholic taste. Two guys who didn't look like picky eaters looked at this pizza in horror.

Back home, I did a search on this board and only found mention of the coffee. Yet obviously people know to avoid the food there, since the place was nearly empty. Waste of $ and more calories than I want to think about. And I only had one piece.

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  1. I had no idea that they had food.

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      And only steps away from very good pizza.