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May 10, 2007 04:06 PM

Nathan's Kosher Hot Dogs

Wandering through the HD section of the grocers and a new label appeared, Nathan's Kosher Hot Dogs. Jfood says, OK will try.

Well jfood gotta tell you these dogs a really good. They have the saltiness and flavor of the HN dog. Jfood will perform a side by side test over the weekend, but the first dogs definitely says, buy me again.

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  1. Nathan's Famous is our favorite hot dog. It's the hot dog we buy when we want to splurge. I think they're close to, if not over 300 calories each, that's twice of some other hot dogs, but worth every calorie in my book! If we're having a cook out we always give our guests a choice of Nathans or another dog like Ball Park or Esskay. Some people, like my mother-in-law, say Nathan's are too fatty for them. I say Good! More for me!!

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    1. re: Axalady

      According to the label on my pkg, each dog is 170 calories. (So you can have two

      1. re: OldDog

        The Kosher's weigh in at 140 calories, 110 calories from fat, 7 gm fat, guess that's why they taste so good.

        1. re: jfood

          There are regular Hot Dogs, and then there are "Specials". They weigh in at at least twice the size, and of course, at least twice the calories.

          Hot Dogs are a special occasion food, nopt something eaten every day,so why not enjoy yourself.

          What do you like to put on yours?

          1. re: Fleur

            Father jfood used tocall them "specials" growing up. Then jfood saw knockwurst and thought they looked a lot like specials and now they are called "Dinner Franks". Jfood does not understand the difference between Specials, Knockwurst and Dinner Franks made by the same "lable". Just call them Fat Franks

        2. re: OldDog

          That is good news! I thought they were closer to 300 each - I WILL have two - and won't feel nearly as guilty as I used to!!

      2. there is no hot dog like a nathan's... i've turned my husband's family on to them, and they haven't gone back since... glad you found them!

        1. The only kind I have bought for years...Second place...Hebrews

          1. Yes yes...when we have burgers and dogs, Nathan's are what we buy...they are SO good!
            $4.00+ for 8 of them, kind of steep so I try to watch for a sale and freeze them. Living in FL, we really only love our hot dogs grilled anymore. I think my son had one at someone else's bbq years ago and asked me to get them--that's all I buy anymore.

            1. All,

              To be clear, these are Nathan's KOSHER. Totally new in jfood land. Yes there are several other varieties of Nathan's and love them all but it does not come in the yellow wrapper, but a deep red.

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              1. re: jfood

                We were excited to see the kosher ones, too, especially since many people consider the HN hechsher questionable. The kosher Nathan's taste okay, still I prefer HN. Maybe because that's what I grew up with. I'd honestly rather have Boar's Head with the skin on, but it's always good to have a kosher alternative to Rubashkin's (feh!).

                1. re: rockycat

                  NATHAN'S KOSHER are made by RUBASHKINS--zelingold upper midwest kashruth----non-glatt.

                2. re: jfood

                  The best Nathan's are the ones sold only at the mother ship on Coney Island (not the boardwalk itself, though). They are tied a bit longer than the skin-on ones sold elsewhere (and I am of the school that a dog without skin is a wasted opportunity), and seem to be fattier and therefore even tastier. It will be interesting to see what the kosher Nathan's are like.

                  I miss the skin-on Hebrew National franks we would get at our butcher a generation ago; I don't know when HN stopped making them or distributing them, but it was a shame they did.