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May 10, 2007 03:40 PM

Chinese chicken salad near Pasadena


I went through some of the previous posts on this subject, but I didn't pick up on anything in the SGV really. Before I moved from the OC, my favorite was Katella Deli, which has in addition to the traditional ingredients like mandarin oranges, chicken, etc. includes water chestnuts and julienned red pepper. (And I still crave their Godfather Omelette, I used to wonder why people would say they had driven 50 miles to eat there, now I know why, since I live 50 miles away.)

I went to Matt Denny's last night, someone had posted they thought theirs was "awesome" I think, and it was more than edible, but not much above what I would consider average. (And the bartender insisted it was after 7pm, so we couldn't get wine for 50 cents off for happy hour, although my husband's watch is 5 minutes ahead of both DirecTV satellite time, and my computer PC set by a server, and it said 5 of! Oh well, he looked really hungover and grouchy, so he was probably just having a bad day.)

Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks.

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  1. Green Street in Pasadena has been serving their version, their signature Dianne salad, since 197? ...people rave about it - I've never had it because I don't eat meat, but it seems to be one of their most popular menu items. Doesn't look like anything particularly outstanding, but again, by now they've easily served over a million.

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      I've had it and it really is very good. A lot of people order carry-out portions for parties, potlucks, etc.

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        I third the Dianne...and that addictive zucchini bread. We like to buy the dressing there, too. In fact, I recommend all of Greenstreet's salads, especially the Cornocopia.

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          Add me to the list in favor of Green St. Katella Deli sounds good also and it is now on my list…

          Before I stopped eating meat the Green Street Café was my # 1 choice in Pasadena for CCS – “The Dianne salad.” It is the only salad that I could take home and finish several hours later and it would be just as good as when I first started eating it. I have been thinking about going there and asking if it is made w/out the chicken. I always asked for extra mandarin oranges. Very Good.

          Teri and Yaki was my second choice for CCS. Their dressing is different and the wontons are much the same as those at Feast from the East in Westwood. Also try the potstickers. Two Pasadena loxcations and one in Monrovia.

          My all time fav is NOT in Pasadena -- The California Chicken Café.

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            The Green Street Cafe's Dianne Salad is so popular that even Trader Joe's is selling a version called the "Pasadena Salad". The original from Green Street Cafe is better and like other posters have mentioned, their zucchini bread is delicious.

        2. The butter lettuce etc. salad at Magnolia on Lake is a pretty good version of a Chinese Chicken Salad. No noodles though.

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            I just looked up their menu on the net, and it sounds like an interesting place. I've walked by, and wondered about it. The Magnolia salad sounds great too, many of my favorite ingredients in that. (Btw, for you salad fans, I'm not a big fan of Claim Jumper, hadn't been in years, but they've added some wonderful appetizer salads for $7.95.)

            I noticed they have a selection of higher end wines, I wondered if they have a house wine for a little cheaper than most of the ones they list ($7-9/glass for many on the list).

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              Nope on the wine, but they have various happy hour deals on beer and well drinks. They also have more or less half price food deals on Mondays. Monday is definitely the bargain night.

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              not really near to pasadena but if you like hawaiian style chinese chicken...try shakas @ alhmabra or monterey park

            2. Tede’s Cafe in Pasadena has the fresh bounty of salads well worth tasting. Spicy Chicken Caesar salad shouldn’t be missed. It’s a regular Caesar salad punched up with an extra kick from jalapenos, pepperoncinis, shredded jack cheese, and Caesar dressing. Their Chicken Salad is fast becoming one of the top-selling selections. With roasted chicken, walnuts, cranberries, celery, a little mayo and secret seasoning, it’s got a growing group of fans. For updates and additional information, please visit and

              1. Not a Chinese Chicken Salad but at Houston's in Pasadena they serve a great Thai Jungle Steak Salad that is soooooo good. For what I consider to be one of the best CCS, you can go to New Moon Cafe on Verdugo Road in La Crescenta which is close to Pasadena. They also have a place in downtown L.A. on 9th Street.