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May 10, 2007 03:40 PM

Sonoma - suggestions for rehearsal dinner?

We are getting married next month up in Sonoma and are looking for a nice place to have a rehearsal dinner. I think we will need space for about 20 people. We don't want to spend too much, but I realize that may not be an option up there. I think we would be willing to go somewhere outside of Sonoma, but it needs to be within a 20 minute drive or so. Santa Rosa is probably too far. Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. I am not an expert on the area, but there are lots of people on the board who would have suggestions for you if you make what you are looking for more specific.

    What is too much to you per person?
    Do you need a private room or would an area of the restaurant be acceptable?
    Is there food types that you prefer or that wouldn't work?

    Maybe searching the board for Sonoma recs and getting an idea what is out there and what sounds good to you, and then coming back to the board to ask how the restaurants are in dealing with larger groups might be a good place to start.

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      sorry for not being more specific - there is no set amount that is too much, I'm just looking for something "reasonable" - i.e. $15-30 per person (without drinks). Private room would be nice but not necessary. I figure our options are limited as is, so in terms of types of food, I am open to anything.

    2. La Salette isn't cheap, but it is cheaper than some of the other alternatives and could probably do a nice job for 20 (I've been with a CH group of about ten to twelve and they handled that well). Check out the post on Being Saved from Chili's in Petaluma for a recent report....

      1. Ive gone to birthday dinners at both the Swiss Hotel and the Red Grape. They were both great. The only downside to the Red Grape is that they only serve wine & beer with no full bar, and you have to be in the main restaurant with everyone else. The Swiss Hotel has a lovely outside patio for groups that I bet would be perfect ;)

        1. Let me know if you like those or if you want some other ideas

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            Thanks! I'll take a look at those for starters, but please, pile it on. I don't expect this to be easy since I'm asking a lot, so please feel free to suggest any places that you know are a) good, b) can accomodate 20 or so people, and c) is not going to cost more than the wedding itself! thanks!

            1. re: evangross

              Maya has great food but is always really busy, Della Santina's has a private dining room you can rent or a private patio for parties (the food is outstanding). I still think that the Swiss Hotel is your best bet. The back patio is really pretty and all lit up at night. Everytime I have eaten there we have gotten a great waiter and the food is excellent- not to mention the drinks if you are an alchi like me ;)