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3 in Franklin, MA

I was driving on Route 140 in Franklin, MA a few days ago and passed a restaurant named 3. I tried searching for a website and couldn't find anything. Is this place new? Has anyone been recently or know more about 3?

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  1. Yes, it is new. Used to be Pippinelle's. We haven't tried it yet but it looks nice from the outside!

    1. From the oeners of Sky. It's their 3rd place, hence the name 3.

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        Sky... is that the place in Sudbury??

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          Yup, you would be correct Lilibet Girl, also Norwood :-)

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            So, Harpoon haven't seen you in a while, should we eat there or not?

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              I know this is going to astound you othervoice, LOL, but I haven't been there since it was Pippinelle's. Hopefully, it's going to be a little bit more adventurous than Sky 1 & 2 are.

      2. Hey Bluebird... The website is still under construction, but you can view or download both the lunch and the dinner menu... Here is the link. www.3-restaurant.com

        1. Just this morning at the dentist the receptionist was talking about this place. She wasn't impressed with the food or the service. It was bad enough that she won't go back. She also said it was very loud.

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            hmm... would you believe a receptionist from a dentist or reviews from multiple food critics??

            TV Diner gave it one of their Platinum plates last year during their review and if you've seen the menu it's fantastic. I suggest you try it for yourself.

          2. Have been to 3 anjd it is worth the trip. You will not believe it is the same place that was Pipenelle;s. The bar area is beautiful, the drinks are great and the food is worth a repeat visit. We will be going back again this weekend.

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              3 is a very contemperary created design. The theme and look is actually very nice. During my first experience i had a drink at the bar before dinner. The bartenders are very friendly. The drink list is pleasently different, with plenty of different specialty drinks to choose from. The wine list is excellent offering a nice variety both in price and types of wine. For an appetizer i had the tuna tartar which when it came out looked like something an artist created and was also delicious. For Dinner i had the Swordfish dish which came highly recommended from our friendly and knowledgable waiter. My date had the Bolognese which had a great flavor. During dinner the general manager came over to the table to check on us and make sure we were happy with everything. He was very happy to have us there and was thrilled that we were more than happy with our first experience. After dinner we split the 3-layer cake which was unbelievably big, but so good. Overall it was a great experience and i'll definitely be going back frequently!!

            2. I have been to 3 about 4 times so far since it has opened. The place is amazing, the service is outstanding. It is a beautiful restaurant. By far the best thing to happen to Franklin in a long time. The general manager has come to our table at each visit to check on us and comes across extremely genuine. I love it there and recommend it to everyone. Please go and check it out- you wont be disappointed.

              1. I live nearby and have been there 3 times, done takeout once. The food is really good and the interior is nice. Very modern. Great bar too.

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                  My name is Lydia, I live here in Franklin, MA also.
                  Iv'e been knocking my brains out trying to remember the name of the new restaurant downtown Franklin, that took over where Reunions used to be.
                  It starts with a B I think, it's Italian.
                  I could just drive through town and look but I'm too lazy, and it wouldn't be such a big deal to wait, but we want (friends and I) to go some where new and different before we go bowling at Ficco's tomorrow night.
                  And you may have already been there.
                  I guess you get out and about a lot more than I currently do.
                  I also love your write up on "3", Iv'e been dying to try the place, you and a few others on this site, have convinced me to do so.
                  That is a little too fancy and pricey for tomorrow night though........
                  Thanks in advance for reading this,
                  I hope you can help

                2. I finally stopped in at 3 last night.

                  The restaurant has a beautiful interior. There is a ½ wall separating the bar from the restaurant. The bar had two large flat panel TVs. The bar was nice, but the yellow backlighting made it difficult to see the alcohol selection. They have a very small patio overlooking the driveway and parking lot. The patio has 3 tables. We were told we could have dinner on the patio, but it really isn’t conducive for dining. It was fine for having a drink and appetizer while waiting for a table or for the bar to open up. This is also the restaurant smoking area. There is a function room/large party dining area on the second floor.

                  We started with some cocktails on the patio. I had an Orange Blossom Martini ($9.00). My husband had a vodka tonic ($6.75). The martini was average sized, with ~ ½ poured when the martini was served and the shaker left at the table with the rest. We ordered the Crispy Calamari with shredded basil oil and parmesan tossed. The calamari was served with a marinara dipping sauce ($11.00). The serving size was okay for two people sharing an appetizer. The calamari was fried and crisp. The marinara sauce was ordinary marinara sauce. The server on the patio was very pleasant.

                  When we moved to seats at the bar at 8:30, it had thinned out considerably. We were given a dish of warm nuts. We ordered another round of drinks and looked at the menu again. This time we decided to split one of the pasta entrees. We had the Fire Grilled Chicken with penne, mushrooms, garlic, broccoli, caramelized onions with herb butter sauce ($17.00, half portion for $8.00). The pasta dish was okay. The broccoli was very firm, almost raw. The roasted tomato served with the pasta was delicious. The highlight of the night was the bread basket. The basket contained several pieces of a cheesy flatbread, two corn muffins and two wheat rolls. It was served with a white bean dip and a honey whipped cinnamon butter. The white bean dip lacked flavor, but the butter was delicious and tasted particularly good with the wheat roll. Service at the bar seemed frantic, which was surprising given that the bar had cleared out and was only about half full. The pasta dish also came up within 10 minutes of ordering. I would have preferred a little more leisurely pace (and more time to enjoy the bread basket).

                  There were five desserts, all house made. We didn’t try one last night. I didn’t check out the wine list.

                  I don’t know if I would go out of my way to go here, but this is on my way home from work and I would stop back on my way home.

                  They are owned by the same group that owns Sky (Norwood and Sudbury). They have a dining rewards program that is also accepted at 3. You earn one point for each dollar you spend. And, for every 250 points you collect, you will be credited with a $25 SKY Reward to use toward your next meal.

                  Cocktails/Martini List - $8-$11
                  Appetizers - $6-$12
                  Salads - $7-$14
                  Sandwiches - $9 - $17
                  Pasta - $17 - $23 (half portions available)
                  Entrees - $20 - $38
                  Side - $4 - $5
                  Desserts - $7

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                    I find it interesting that the "rave reviews" are all by people who have just one post - you gotta wonder if that's a commercial for the place?

                  2. My wife and I dined there for the first time Saturday night. We had seen it on one of the TV diner type shows. The hostess told us it was a 70 minute wait, that was actually 50, always a good start. We started with drinks at the bar, martini for me was very good as I liked how they left the shaker to keep it cold, but the wine for my wife was disapointing, what is up with this new shot of wine restuarants are serving. Don't they make a small fortune on a glass of wine as it is. Tratorria in Mansfield is the same way.
                    We both had the Pork Milanees, excellent and a generous portion. As some else said the bread basket was great, I loved the flat bread. We will try it a least one more time even though it is very loud as some of the other offering look very interesting.

                    1. Here's the info:
                      Apparently, it is the 3rd restaurant for the owners of SKY (Norwood and Sudbury) http://www.sky-restaurant.com/design/v2/

                      Franklin location:


                      Be sure to click on the video review link to NECN.

                      1. I am visiting for the week from DC. I just ate here and thought I would report as this is where I found it. I sat at the bar and ate. I had the crabcakes. The sauces were underwhelming, curry vinagrette and cilantro cream, but that is not to terrible as I would prefer the crabmeat to stand on its own and not be overpowered. However, the crabmeat was rather bland. For an entree I had the pancetta-romano crumbed shrimp and scallops parmesan risotto, haricot vert, tomato beurre blanc. The shrimp was cooked to hell and gone, dreadfully chewy and even difficult to cut with a knife. The scallops were nice. Crisp on the outside and still tender, they were fully cooked though. The risotto was bland and required salt and pepper. The tomatoes added a much needed acid and were my favorite part of the dish. It was also topped with dreadfully undercooked green beans. I don't mind al dente, but they were difficult to stab with a fork, barely warmed.

                        This being said, I will probably give it a second chance. I am interested in seeing how they pull off the prime cut sirloin.



                        1. Being a Franklin native and 1/2 Italian......you find out about the resteraunts QUICK around here.
                          Only went to "Pips" two times in the 20 plus years it was in town, it started out near the Post Office on Emmons St back when I was in Jr. High!
                          The food was over priced, being Italian I don't pay high prices for pasta.
                          That place was so over rated.
                          This new take over=the same. Loud.Pricey.A drive by!
                          Want some great inexpensive food-go to "The Hill" in Providence at Angelo's!
                          The new place in town Bellini's, the old re unions, never went there either, some people said "they made the pizza the way the union cafe did in the 60's & 70's (WAY back when I was a kid..........never got to go but we did try Bellini's, they are from WoooooonsockET.
                          It was okay, again over priced.........and who decorated this joint?Anna Nicole's Bobby Trendy?!
                          Keep it simple, both the decor & price that's what the people want......
                          cheat eats that are good!

                          1. Based on what we read and curiousity, my husband & I ate at 3 last night. The service was excellent, staff very curteous and very attentive, however I can not get past the noise, and I do mean noise... LOUD noise in the restaurant portion while you are trying to enjoy your dinner. In fact it was so distracting that if we hadn't waited an hour for a table I would have left. It is not the atmosphere that you would expect given the price range of the dishes; the food was good but the headache I left with will deter future visits.

                            1. We have been to the 3 in Franklin a few times. Most recently this past weekend we took 17 family members out for my wife's birthday. They set us upstairs in a private area. As always the staff was polite, patient, and friendly. Everyone raved about their dinners which ranged from steak, seafood, and pasta. You can not go wrong at this place the service is excellent and the food is even better.

                              1. I had a bad experience at this restaurant. Not recommended.

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