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May 10, 2007 02:51 PM

Best Caesar salad in Financial District?

Any recommendations on strong Caesar salads in or near the Financial District?


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  1. I guess it depends on your definition of strong. For a casual lunch, I am a fan of the Caesar at Bistro Burger (several locations).

    1. I actually liked Mixt Green's Casar but at $10 that's pretty steep for salad.

      1. If by strong, you mean the presence of anchovy, check out Suisse Italia at 101 California.

        1. I haven't worked in the Financial Dist. for a few years, but when I did, I loved the Caesar at Lightening Foods - very garlicky, if that is what you mean by strong. The salad bar is great there also.

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            The best! When I leave a job, I would spend the last couple of weeks going to my favorites in the area, so in late March, I went to Lightning Foods on Mission w/one of my friends. She had been going to the one in Embarcadero and mentioned that the E one was better because it was slightly cheaper and tasted better. I don't have a good dining experience at the one there, so I had elected for us to go to the Mission one instead. Very garlicky for sure - my favorite Caesar salad.

          2. I really don't know where the FiDi begins and ends, but Alfred's Steak House has a killer caesar (I guess it is towards Chinatown) .