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May 10, 2007 02:50 PM

PDX Itinerary -- Feedback Please

Chicago 'hound visiting over Memorial Day weekend. So far, our tentative itinerary hopefully will include Paley's Place or Park Kitchen for dinner on Saturday, Wildwood on Monday, and possibly the bar at Higgins or a casual brewpub on Sunday (with lunches in between).

With respect to the various bars/brewpubs, how is the food? I've seen some mixed reviews of places like Henry's, Laurelwood, and Rogue.

Finally, I was wondering whether anyone has had any experience with Eco Tours of Oregon's wine country tour. We will not be renting a car, would like to see wine country, and they seem to be very reasonably priced at $55 per person.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. drink beer at brew pubs; eat food at restaurants. simple solution.

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    1. re: bbqboy

      Agree with the above. And why would you consider Henry's, which is a chain?

      Your itinerary sounds good.

      1. re: Leonardo

        Henry's isn't REALLY a chain. There's only one of them. It's just owned by a local restaurant group that does a decent job with its other stuff, though nothing great. (They do have over 100 taps.)

        A lot of restaurants in Portland have at least a few quality, interesting beers on tap, plus more in bottles. So you might want to find a place with more interesting, but still casual, food like Apizza Scholls, Pambiche, Podnah's, or whatever. Though I do like Higgins bar food pretty well and people I respect for beer recs (I don't drink) like their beer selection a lot.

        I don't know that I'd do both Paley's and Wildwood. I really love Wildwood and like Paley's a lot, as well, but they're both Portland 10 years ago, so to speak, rather than Portland now. Park Kitchen, Le Pigeon, Carlyle -- something a little more fresh might be interesting as a contrast.

        1. re: extramsg

          Got to Apizza Scholls for the great pizza, but not if you're interested in Portland beer. They have four taps, none of which are local (Anchor Steam, Anchor Liberty, Stella Artois, and Konig Hefeweizen).

          1. re: Nettie

            Last few times I have been to Apizza they have had local brewery Lompac on one of the taps.

            And I would recommend Apizza.

            1. re: Nettie

              We have Laurelwood Free Range Red on tap

        2. re: bbqboy

          I'd agree as well. It seems like Bridgeport tried to make a better restaurant when they did their remodel, but it doesn't sound like they've executed it very well. And what is up with Laurelwood--I've seen more than one interview with the principles where they assert "first and foremost, we're a restaurant, not a brewpub." It's odd because while their beer seems to be pretty well respected, I've had some particularly crappy food there. I would certainly choose Higgins bar for lunch rather than a brewpub if I were you.

        3. Much thanks to extramsg and everyone else for your comments and suggestions.