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May 10, 2007 02:48 PM

The Standard Hotel Area??

I'm not to familiar with Downtown LA and Im going to be staying at the Standard Hotel Downtown. Where are some good places to grab dinner, and maybe a cool lounge to grab a cocktail afterwords. Thanks in advance!

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  1. For cocktails defintely the Golden Gopher or Broadway Bar. I don't know where to begin with food for downtown. I would just search this board....there are so many options.

    1. For a cool place to grab a cocktail after dinner, definitely head to the Standard roof since you're staying there meaning you should be able to get in without being hassled by the bouncers. You could take a cab to Blue Velvet for dinner, which is a newish place downtown with good food and a cool atmosphere.

      Anything more specific about what you're looking for in terms of type of cuisine or price range?

      1. Head across the street to the Daily Grill for their Happy Hour. Their pork sliders, chicken pot pie, seared ahi, and Martini's are a great bargain. Food is $3-$5 while martinis are $7, well drinks $4-$5.

        For Drinks: Go to the first Edison then the Standard Roof-Top bar afterwards since you'll be able to get in right away and you'll want some fresh air. Beware of the Golden Gopher, it really dark! So dark that I got scared to go to the bathroom. It's a cool place though. Broadway Bar is good too but Broadway gets a little sketcy after dark.

        Late Night Eats: The pantry. It's hearty home-style food and a Downtown staple.

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          With the warm weather cocktails poolside at the hotel Fig. has been fun. Edison is good for drinks. As far as food too many to list these days.
          J's lounge is is both fun lounge and good eats. Seven Grand just opened up on ........Seventh anfd Grand. Let's see what else oh yes the Library bar across the street from the standard mellow lounge fun and different. Catcha cab and check out Blue velvet again poolside drinks and good small plates.
          Have fun.

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            The Restaurant on the lobby level of The Standard is pretty good and it's open 24hours.

            Second both Library Bar and Seven Grand for post dinner cocktails. Well, more Library Bar for cocktails and Seven Grand for a fine bourbon, whiskey and/or scotch. While Seven Grand has a fully stocked bar, it would be mighty hard (for me) to order anything other than said amber elixir(s).

        2. What sort of food and how much? Second the Seven Grand rec for drinks.

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            Thanks for the great recs! I'm getting really excited about this trip(not a terribly huge trip seeing that we're from San Diego, but a trip nonetheless). I was thinking $100 - $150 for dinner. Me and my girlfriend love seafood, but I didnt want to limit the recs to only seafood spots. Thanks again!!!

          2. For an upscale standout (and seafood), Water Grill - you can sit at the bar, too. The bartender's really nice. :)

            I also recommend you head to the Standard rooftop - love the vibe, drinks, pool area, spaceship poolbed..

            You might also want to head to Little Tokyo if you like sushi. Sushi Gen is a great standby for lunch, but head there early, as in 11:30, or before.

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              I drove past Sushi Gen at 11:00 and there was already a line 20 people deep.