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May 10, 2007 02:33 PM

Looking for cupcakes - but NO buttercream!

I have searched all the threads here for cupcakes and I understand there's plenty of threads and places. But what I am looking for is a delicious cupcake that doesn't use buttercream. I can't stand the texture! Brooklyn or Manhattan, does anyone know of any good cupcakes that don't use buttercream frosting?

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  1. Try Burgers and Cupcakes. It's on 23rd near 8th Ave. The cupckaes are delish. Hubby loves cupcaked, but hates buttercream and when he found this place, he fell in love.


    1. I love the red velvet cupcakes at Cake Man Raven in Fort Greene

      1. billys bakery has a cream cheese frosting, it's kind of similar to buttercream though...

        1. I think Amy's Bread might also have an alternative frosting....