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May 10, 2007 02:32 PM

Best choices at Kao Sarn?

Unbelieveably, I've been in Pt. Richmond for almost a year now, but I still haven't made it to Kao Sarn, which locals tell me is probably the best eatery in the neighborhood. That will change with dinner tomorrow evening.

However, no one I've talked to is especially discriminating about the food at Kao Sarn. When I ask, I hear that "everything is good." I find that hard to believe. Some things surely must stand out more than others.

So...if you have sampled the Kao Sarn menu, I'd appreciate your feedback on special dishes not to be missed.

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  1. Avocado jumbo prawns. A little pricey but delicious and unique. The peanut sauce is great. Get it with the brown rice - as it is some of the best around. Actually looks more like red rice. (The dish is: sliced avocado + marinated grilled prawns, peanut sauce, steamed vegetables - not mixed, just all laid out on a platter). Their prawns are fantastic - chargrilled and a good marinade. The also put them in the prawn salad if you need a lighter meal.

    I like the sauteed mixed seafood dish with basil & chiles (pad ka praw seafood). The soups were just OK. Some people really like the pumkin curry, some hate it. I was not very impressed with it. My coworkers were always big fans of Panang Beef.

    You can view their menu here:

    by the way, it's the same owners and the same menu (I think) as Bua Luang on Solano in Albany.

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      I picked up a menu the other day and the prices have increased about 15% over what the online menu lists.

      Also, the pad kra praw on the menu includes a choice of chicken/beef/pork...I assume they will substitute seafood instead?

      Mmmmm...I know I'll try the prawns based on your enthusiasm, and report back.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Well, I was disappointed, especially after the various raves I'd heard. We started off with a shared chicken larb, which was tasty but also rather salty. My friend ordered the ginger scallops, which she liked a lot. I'm not a scallop eater, since I prefer my seafood to just lay there and not move, but the accompanying gingery sauce was very good. I ordered the avocado jumbo prawn, as suggested above. The marinated prawns were indeed delicious, but they were smothered in a cloyingly sweet peanut sauce which overpowered the prawn flavor. This dish came with a side of steamed veggies (green beans, broccoli and carrot slices) which were tepid and not interesting. However, a bit of avocado and unpeanutted prawn -- yum! excellent combo.

        So, I'd hoped for better, but I'll return at least another time and try something different.