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May 10, 2007 02:21 PM

Mother's Day meal in Redondo Beach?

Looking for a good spot to have a decent meal in Redondo Beach, either brunch or dinner for Mother's Day? Any ideas? Price is not an issue, but a good view and atmosphere is a definite plus. Well, that and good food.

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  1. Christine in Torrance has a nice atmosphere but no view, and very good food. If you are willing to go a little bit north, Avenue in Manhattan Beach has excellent food. Atmosphere is nice, but nothing special. No view, but it's in a really nice area to walk around before or after a meal. One of my friends really likes Kincaid's in Redondo for a beautiful water view. She loves their food, but is not a foodie. I've never been there because I suspect it's more about the view than the food.

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    1. re: Nicole

      Yes. i recently went to Kincaid's and the food is just okay. Sitting outside and hearing the waves was nice though.

      1. re: Liquid Sky

        Go to Tony's on the pier..(New Tony's)food is simple, fresh and service friendly. Kincaids is poor...

        1. re: nyfoodjoe

          Actually the service at Kincaid's was pretty wacky too... now that I think about it...

          1. re: Liquid Sky

            I'd go one step further and opine that Kincaids food and service are not worthy and Tony's (new or old) is awful-really awful.
            Was just at Christine's last night and came away feeling over sauced. Many dishes come with heavy cream infused with good flavors but shortly after you finsih your meal-yuch!. Even the lobster salad had a warm dressing full of oil. The service is very good though. No view as stated above.

            I am hearing good things about Cafe Pacific at The Trump Golf Course in PV. The view is absolutely gorgeous when we are not socked in by Marine layer. The food is American fancy. Crab cake in mango butter/red pepper puree, baked brie in phyllo, roasted halibut with the ubiquitous garlic mashed potatoes, Day boat scallops, etc.

            Options are rather limited in this area. There is The Chart House in Redondo-right on the harbour, next to The Blue Water Grill (has seats overlooking marina) and dare I mention The Cheesecake Factory?

            The Hotel Portofino has a restaurant on the water called Baleen. Have not been in a few years (for A reason) however, have heard there is a new chef and the menu looks good.