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May 10, 2007 02:18 PM

Frozen Fage yogurt

In this hot weather I've been experimenting with putting my cup of Fage (2%) in the freezer for half an hour before eating it as a sort of frozen yogurt dessert (a bit like Pinkberry, but sourer and, in my opinion, better). So far toppings have included walnuts and honey with cinnamon, crushed peanut butter malt balls, Trader Joe's raspberry/ chocolate chip trail mix, and fresh strawberries and brown sugar. Honey does not seem to stand up very well to the freezing, becoming too gluey. Does anyone have any other good ideas for Fage frozen desserts?

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  1. Do you have an ice cream maker? If so, you should check out this SUPER simple but delicious recipe that calls for Greek-style yogurt: The result is a wonderfully refreshing and light frozen yogurt!

    1. katielp, When Fage went on sale I stocked up and wound up freezing 20 cups..then decided to treat the yogurt like a dessert. Excellent in smoothies this way as well.

      Regarding the honey, have you tried warming the honey in the microwave and drizzling it over frozen Fage-really good.

      Last time, I warmed sliced bananas, toasted pecans and ginger maple syrup together in a small pan and drizzled it onto semi-frozen Fage.

      1. Before freezing, mix with cocoa powder and sugar to taste. Or cinnamon sugar and broken up graham crackers/gingersnaps.

        I like to mix in Grape Nuts, too. But I'm told that's weird.

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          Hey, if you're weird, I'm right there with you: I like to mix in Fiber One and let it sit in the fridge for awhile until the cereal soaks up a significant amount of the liquid, making the yogurt much thicker (yea, the cereal is soggy, but I like soggy cereal)

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            Moving my cup from the fridge to the freezer right now! Plan to top with strawberries and melted chocolate frosting (I get it from Trader Joes and it is sooo good). Never thought to freeze my yogurt-thanks!

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              I've been trying to tell people that TJ's Decadent Chocolate Frosting makes the best hot fudge sauce I've ever had! Good to see I'm not alone in discovering this!

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                Just a note that the staff at my local TJ's told me the Decadent Chocolate Frosting is being discontinued due to slow sales. I told them they should relable it as fudge sauce and watch it fly off the shelf. Anyway, better stock up, who knows how much longer it will be around.

          2. I've never tried freezing it, but lately, I've been doing a combination in my greek yogurt of a few drops lemon extract, a few drops orange oil, and crumbled dehydrated strawberries. Oh, and a packet of equal (of course you could use sugar). It's quite tasty. I bet it would be delicious when partially frozen.


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              puppym, loved your plantain split!

            2. Put some apricot preserves (love TJ's w/ the chunks in it) into a saucepan, and allow to melt and liquefy a bit, then pour over yogurt.

              This is gonna sound weird, but I love salty and sweet, so I would love to mix in some crushed pb filled pretzels from TJ's and/or the chocolate covered pretzels... I love when pretzels suck up ice cream and get soggy.

              Similarly, mix in some broken waffle cone pieces, then top with fruit later, or the same with graham cracker crumbs.

              Like others, LOVE Fiber One, Granny's Apple Granola, or Raisin Bran Crunch (or Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Cap'n Crunch or Apple Jacks or Frosted Flakes or buttered popcorn) mixed in or on top...