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May 10, 2007 02:13 PM

Saturday night: Brunoise or Globe?

Hi, I'll be flying into Montreal this weekend with my bf and am having trouble deciding on whether to go to Brunoise or Globe Restaurant for dinner. I've heard people go to Globe for the trendieness of the restaurant, and the food is decent. However, foodwise, is it safe to presume hands down the food will be of higher quality at Brunoise? How is the ambience at Brunoise? Unfortunately, they also only have seats at the bar available...

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  1. Brunoise is has a calm ambience ( as far as I recall! )

    1. Stay away from the Globe please!!!! I went there once because a friend of mine wanted to eat at a trendy restaurant while he was in town and it was a disaster. The food is ordinary at best and the service is awful. They hire the waiters based on their looks only. We ordered a half-bottle of dessert wine after dinner and the price was around 35$. The waitress brought us a 450$ half-bottle instead!!! When she smartened up, I don't how by the looks of her, she came and took the bottle away without any explanation and the fight started between the waiters to see who was responsable for the bad deed! They were unprofessional and that restaurant is only if you want to pick up rich and tacky people who go back and forth between Leblanc and le globe! Go elsewhere please!!!

      1. In my opinion Globe is over-rated. The food (apart from the seafood platter) is very ordinary. Unless you enjoy having your table bumped all night by the people dancing next to it, there is really no upside.

        Brunoise is much calmer. When I went there on a Saturday there were actually a lot of families, including children of all ages (who thankfully were quiet). The food is very good (ranging on excellent) and the prices are reasonable. The sommelier is very knowledgeable and the wine list has a number of interesting value items as well. I would much rather sit at the bar at Brunoise then go to Globe.

        I think this is a no-brainer.

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          Went twice about 4-5 years ago, stay away unless you like the pretentious, I'm "all that" type. I had no say in decision making as one was for a wedding anniversary (they're divorced now) and one for a bday. Over priced for avg food, medicore service. Not my type of place. Can't compare though to Brunoise as I haven't been. There are tons of better restos in Mtl especially if price is not an issue.

          1. re: ios94

            Go to Brunoise!

            That being said, Globe has, over the years been where a number of Montreal best chefs made their names. Timing is everything...but I had a number of fantastic meals there when Dave McMillan or Fred Morin ran the kitchen. On a lighter note, Globe might be a good place to test your boyfriend. If he can last the entire evening without ogling the waitresses or models then he might be marriage material.

        2. I'm also an out-of-towner coming in for the weekend; I'm throwing a bachelor party and we choose Globe as our restaurant of choice (not for the food); that should be indicative of more than a few things.