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May 10, 2007 02:07 PM

Boka or Blackbird

Now that Boka has new chef from Trotter's and getting great reviews (as they were before the chef change) which would you recommend for a family dinner (all adults) with an interest in wine as well but not making this the main factor of decision. Have never been to either so are they even comparable? Thanks

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  1. Since you've never been to Blackbird, I recommend you go there.

    BTW, if you're interested, both restaurants show their menus and their wine lists on their websites:

    1. The atmosphere is so different that it is hard to compare. I have been to both, but have not been to BOKA since the chef change. I would say the food is probably better at Blackbird, but blackbird is loud, with tables close together and very austere/minimalist style. I much prefer the decor at BOKA if it is a nice evening where you can sit ouside. They have a gorgeous patio--so if you are going when the weather is nice, pick BOKA(although you can sit outside at BB, too, you are sitting curbside on a city street). Boka is in more of a neighborhood...depends on your mood and as to what is most important as to what you should choose...