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"Great Fresh Tasty Buffalo Mozzerella" Where??

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Where can I buy some

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  1. I've had it from Wild Oats, but I don't see one in Canada :( You might want to try Whole Foods?

    1. I believe if you want fresh mozzarella di bufala you would want to live in Campania, Italy, or close to that region. However, it can be purchased stored in its whey in small containers at better cheese shops. I have purchased it at Alex Farms in the St. Lawrence Market. Other places also have it. It usually goes for about $10 for a baseball-sized cheese.

      1. I buy buffalo mozzarella from Global Cheese in Kensington. No idea how the quality is compared to other buffalo mozzarellas, but I enjoy it.

        1. Grande Cheese has some that is very good.

          1. I buy it from Terroni on Victoria street in the sealed whey container

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              That's right by me. Do you mind telling me how much it costs. How large is it?

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                I think it's $9 and it's a fist sized ball

            2. It's over-priced and rarely as fresh as it should be. I've seen it for $12-15 for a tennis ball-sized chunk in a bladder-pac. Good fresh commercial mozzarella is hard to find around the GTA, unlike any large eastern city in the US with a sizeable Italian population. Some of the Canadian makers are producing "fresh" mozzarella packed in c-thru hot water bottle-like bags.Costco carries a decent fresh American-made mozzarella--both are better than the Elmer's glue by-product we all know and loathe.

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                The U.S. buffalo milk product was dropped. Too bad, it was only $7-8.

              2. Max's Market in Bloor West Village has those whey-packed bags for $8.99.

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                  Thanks everyone that sounds great, I will start with Pusateri's .

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                    I always buy my bufala mozzarella at Pusateri's and it's the best I've found in Toronto; it is about $11 a fist sized ball though. In my house that's enough for 2 Caprese salads to share with my s/o, so it doesn't last more than a day or two here :)

                2. Masellis Bros on the Danforth has this as well (Italian, not US). Can't remember the price, but they are mostly prety reasonable.

                  1. Vincenzo's on the Danforth between Woodbine and Main. I think it comes in on saturday mornings.

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