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May 10, 2007 01:44 PM


I think fiddlehead season is here or almost.

Which of the restaurants would most likely be to serve fresh local produce with a short season like this?

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  1. I saw some at Chez Louis for 8 dollars a pound as of Saturday.

    They're pretty easy to cook, you don't to wait for Toqué to put them on their menu.

    1. They are on the menu at Decca77 - saw them there yesterday.

      1. Nino's had them ast weekend as well. If I recall correctly, they were on a plate I ate at La Chronique around this time last year.

        1. The first-of-season fiddleheads on sale at restos and stores may not be local. The ones I saw last weekend came from New Jersey.

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            I had some great little fiddleheads at APDC last friday and i just picked some up at the Loblaws (don't hate me!) for $4/lb.

          2. I had some at L'Express last week. You got a nice sized serving of them. I found that the sauce, though tasty in itself, overpowered the flavour of the fiddleheads. Much prefer the simple way of steaming, with a little squeeze of lemon. Maybe it's because that's how I would eat them as a child, after foraging in New Brunswick along forest paths.

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              L'Express has fantastic fiddleheads. As a fellow New Brunswicker, I can relate to the appreciation of the simplicity of homegrown preparations, but this sauce makes it taste like where it came from. Earthy. Yum.