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May 10, 2007 01:40 PM

My Sushi Tour - Ike, Zo and Shibucho

I decided to do something totally different and eat nothing but sushi for a week. I started with Sushi Ike in Hollywood, then did Sushi Zo in Culver City and today had lunch at Sushi Shibucho in Costa Mesa. (I've been in San Diego for a few days and I've posted on the California board about the sushi there, too.)

My faves included the toro at Ike and the monkfish liver at Zo. In fact, Zo had the best quality fish of all of them, and Shibucho was the best performer per unit dollar. And Chef Shibutani-san at Shibucho had by far the best knife skills displayed.

Next up is another visit to Hirozen on Beverly to see how it stacks up with this new perspective.

(I also hit up conveyor belt and Kabuki during lunch to keep my wallet from straining too much.)

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  1. How was Ike? Been meaning to try it..........

    Tuna Toast:

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    1. re: tokyoastrogirl

      I liked Ike, but I showed up late in the day, so they didn't have anymore monkfish liver. Also, I normally would wait to sit at the bar, but I was with restless guests so we got a table instead. Obviously the quality doesn't change, but the pacing does, and that's important when you're dining omakase.

      I'm heading back there again (probably tonight), but this time solo so that it'll be easy for me to grab a seat at the bar.

    2. Sushi Ike has always been one of my favorites. i prefer to sit at the bar. you must try the grilled octopus. very simple, served with a bit of lemon. charred to smoky perfection! they also take reservations.

      we recently discovered Sushi Karen in Culver City. add that to your list. sit at the bar, you won't be disappointed.

      Hirozen is another favorite. have had good sushi at the bar + tables.

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      1. re: msbadkittie

        Sorry but the sushi at Sushi Karen is really sub par, especially when OP has tried Sushi Zo, which is out of this world....