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May 10, 2007 01:36 PM

KC's best fish & chips

I've been conducting a discrete survey about town in a quest for the city's best fish & chips. Over the past 2 years I've eaten it at many locations and so far the winner is 75th Street Brewery. Although the chips are home made potato chips (and not authentic English 'chips') the fish batter is so light and flaky and the fish so moist and tasty with an incredibly yummy sauce - I haven't found anything to top it.

So, KC hounds - what is your favorite spot for F&C? I'm looking for more places to try.

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  1. Have you tried the Free State in Lawrence? Very tasty and I know they move a LOT of F&C.

    1. My favorite is McCoy's Public House... in fact, that's why we go there when we go! The tartar sauce has a little bit of basil in it, and it's so good! They also come with corn fritters that are pretty tasty too!

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        We were on a fish and chips mission in the not too distant past. McCormick and Schmick was good, 75th Street Brewery, pre fire, was good, O'Dowd's was somewhat over rated. The winner was McCoy's Public House. The fish and the chips were equally good, which to us is important. Very crispy. We did like the tartar sauce and corn fritters. Service was ok, too.

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          Sounds good - another place to try! Where is McCoy's?

          1. re: pmannon

            In Westport, at Westport Rd. and Pennsylvania. Here's the website: Good home-brewed rootbeer too!

        2. The best fish and chips can be found in the lounge at Bluestem. It seems weird, but they have it on their bar menu. I absolutely crave it, and they give you a flight of sauces to go along with the traditional malt vinegar and tarter sauce. Check it out.