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Good places to eat in Monroe?

I posted on the South Board but had no responses. Does anyone here know of some suggestions in the vicinity of U. L. Monroe? My son has to attend orientation in June, and I'm wondering where we might eat while there.

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  1. I like http://www.warehouseno1.com/

    Just down the street from ULM is http://www.waterfrontgrill.com/

    For pizza-http://www.johnnys-pizza.com/

    A cut above most places is Genusa's http://www.realpageslive.com/online/2...

    A local "legend" is the Mohawk.

    In W. Monroe is Canard's

    I have heard good things about the Brandy House but I have never been.

    The News-Star has some "reviews".

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    1. I traveled the state during my career but am now retired. When in Monroe I found the restaurant offerings to be limited to chains with a few exceptions. Near the campus you will find the Waterfront. In the downtown area there is the Warehouse. The Warehouse is a little less casual than the Waterfront. Those were my favorites. I noted those were mentioned in another post, too.

      1. During crawfish season, I like a place on Forsyth Avenue a few block from the Biedenharn Home and Gardens. Unfortunately I cannot recall the name, but it is in an old filling station that has been converted. There are big picnic table in the covered area where cars use to pull in to fill up. Love the atmosphere, very casual neighborhood feeling. The seating area overlooks a neighborhood. Especially nice when dogwood and azaleas are in bloom b/c the home across the street is completely landscaped in white - white azaleas and white dogwoods on a curving path. The crawfish I had there on several occasions were large and well seasoned. Maybe someone out there has the name. Also, in the little strip mall next door there is a great bakery where you can have breakfast or lunch. It inlcudes a juice bar and my favorite was beet and carrot juice with a little pineapple juice. They will juice whatever you choose while you wait. I think that one is called Daily Harvest or Daily Harvest Market - also on Forsyth.

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          Cormier's is a crawfish place on Forsythe.

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            Thank you both! Does Cormier's serve other seafood besides (boiled , I'm thinking) crawfish? Have you had anything else?

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              There was food inside to take out in a cold case. I think it was things like gumbo and homemade sausage. More than that, I cannot recall. And yes, I think mik1005 hit it on the head when he said "Cormier's."

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              cormier's has something call a "pig sandwich" it's a pulled pork poboy and it's fantastic. it has a vinegar based thin sauce on it. everytime i go home i get it. and they have gumbo, jambalya, boudin and a few others that i cant remember. boudin it just so-so. and i dont know if i've ever had their gumbo. usu it's a pig sandwich or crawfish.

              there is a place called the kitchen at 202 S 6th St in monroe. the have great burgers and ok poboys. and the have great comfort food. like smoothered pork chops, lasagna, turkey' dressing etc. but it is in a daily plate lunch special menu. ie, on every other thur you can get the pork chops. so you choose from a couple entrees and 4-5 veggies. but you get a ton of food for something like $6.

              i like the warehouse#1 and the waterfront grill. dont care for genusa's or any other italian in town for that matter. the mohawk is a hole-in-the-wall seafood joint. and samurai is a sushi/thai place on 165

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                Pig sandwich sounds great to me! I have a feeling crawfish season will be nearing the end when we get there.

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                  the pig sandwich is legendary! oh so good. I agree with the Kitchen recomendation, you CAN NOT go in there and come out hungry. A plate full of stick-to-your-ribs food, burgers are good too. Oysters rockafeller at Warehouse are awesome. Samarai has great sushi and their Thai curry is SOO good. they ask you how you want the hotness on a scale of 1-10. FYI..5 is even HOT.

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                    Thank you so much! I look forward to trying it. My son loves ribs, so I will mention it to him too.

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                      Sorry, I misread about the ribs! lol

            3. We only had a chance to try the Waterfront Grill. The food was good, but not great. All three of us were in the mood for shrimp, so we each got a dish. I liked the barbequed shrimp, New Orleans style, except that they were peeled. (which could be a plus for some) Very tasty and spicy dish. The Waterfront shrimp were more delicately spiced, but very good after the dish set for a while to blend the flavors. The portions were generous, served with a choice of sweet potato, fried, baked, stuffed regular potato, (as well as rice or pasta for waterfront and rahkee) or vegetables, and garlic bread. The stuffed and sweet were good. The vegetables were overcooked medley. The other shrimp dish, rakhee ( I think) was too subtle for these cajun folks. All of the shrimp were large. The prices averaged about $20 for entrees, which I felt was a bit high.
              The bread pudding was delicious and generous, definitely the highlight of the meal.

              1. Canards. This is the best restaurant in the Monroe area. The restaurant is in West Monroe which is just over the Ouachita River. Recently, a new chef took over the kitchen and I have heard mixed reviews.
                Brandy House. On Louisiville Ave. Very large menu with some quite good rotisserie items. Prices are very reasonable. The ambience is a bit like a Western Sizzlin and very dark. Quantity is huge and quality is perfectly nice although nothing incredible.
                Genusa's. Good veal and nice cold salads with homemade dressings. Lousy desserts.
                Mohawk Tavern. Dark, aged, and trapped in time but perfect for raw oysters and some fried seafood.
                Ray's PG. This is a lunch place which serves some of the best cheeseburgers, french fries, and ice cream shakes that I have had in the whole state. I love this place. It is so utterly down market that it has charm. Expect the look of an old greasy spoon from the 60's. Like a diner without the counter.
                Milo's coffee. Very good breakfast pastries, coffee, and yogurt.
                The Coffee Bean. Homemade quiche, sandwhiches, and pies. Lunch only.
                The Waterfront. Casual, hot, back porch kind of place. No pretense at all but some nice seafood dishes. Don't expect any food on the "Light side" and don't expect a wine list. If you want cabernet, you get Kendall Jackson.

                1. Believe it or not, we are heading back for my son's graduation. Just checking to see if anyone had updated recs since these are from 2007. Yes, we are happy that he's finished in 4 years. So we are looking for a nice place to celebrate. Any thoughts will be appreciated.

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                    I have not been in awhile, but Sage has been the best in Monroe.

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                      Agreed on Sage...it's the best food in town, has a nice bar & also has patio dining, IIRC.

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                        We're going to try Sage. Thanks for the rec.

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                          Forgot to ask if you have any favorite dishes you've tried at Sage.

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                            Griiled oysters, shrimp and grits, scallops, sea bass (probably the best thing I've had there). Steaks look good, but I've not had one.

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                                Thanks so much to you and Celeste for the recs! We loved Sage. It was a great choice for us. The grilled oysters were so excellent, we almost ordered a second plate. I had the shrimp and grits--very spicy and succulent. DH had the sea bass, which was very delicately flavored with the lump crab and avocado despite the Thai sauce, so I suggested he wait until the end to try my shrimp.(He agreed.) Our graduate had the duck with cherries. I'm not a fan of duck, but he liked it.Our only disappointment was the dessert. There were only two choices (creme brulee and white chocolate breading, and they were not listed on the menu. We chose the white chocolate bread pudding, which I have enjoyed in delicious ecstasy at palace cafe, cafe vermilionville (lafayette) and cafe jefferson (jefferson Island, near New Iberia). This was not a fair representation of that wonderful dessert. It had some type of fruit, maybe pineapple, which did not complement the white chocolate in any way, shape, or form. The coffee was excellent, however, although we did have to ask for a second cup. Service was fine for the first 2/3 of the meal, but dropped off considerably after that.Otherwise, I could tell you what the fruit was! The decor was quite suitable for a special occasion without being overly stuffy.
                                I forgot to mention that there was also a salad bar with quite fresh and interesting items. It was extra, but my son and I tried it and enjoyed it quite a lot. The entrees were served with sides, so the meal was quite reasonable for the type of food and ambience. All in all, a very good-to-excellent choice!

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                                  I'm glad you enjoyed it. I get to Lafayette 3-4 times a year and have been to New Iberia for the Cajun Hot Sauce Festival 3-4 times. I think I have been to most "recommended" restaurants, but it has been several years for many. Where do you like right now? I am usually looking for seafood. Thanks.

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                                    Sorry, I'm so slow...lots going on right now. Cafe Jefferson at Jefferson Island is my latest favorite. The seafood bisque is exquisite. Could have jumped in the bowl! Great homemade bread. My friend ordered the seafood pasta and loved it. I also ordered the shrimp remoulaude, but I was not a fan of the sauce--too much horseradish for me; would have been good with raw oysters.
                                    It's open 7 days, but only for lunch. The view is outstanding, and outside seating is available.
                                    Hot news is that Cafe des Amis is opening in downtown New Iberia. Will let you know when it happens. Dickie Breaux and his son have purchased a building near Guidry's Cake Shop, on Main near Jefferson St.
                                    The older restaurants continue to thrive, but you really have to know what to order. At Little River, I like the stuffed mushrooms with remoulaude sauce (you have to ask sometimes for the sauce), catfish riverside, lump crabmeat sauteed in butter, and stuffed shrimp. Their blue cheese dressing is very good, as is their house salad. But I find it overpriced for the size.
                                    Bon Creole lunch counter is quite good. Their seafood gumbo is excellent, along with their overstuffed poboys and fried catfish dinner. Many like their softshell crab poboy (in season). The bread pudding is wonderful, but they don't have it all the time.
                                    I also am a fan of the Yellow Bowl. The fried catfish, crawfish half and half, catfish supreme (served with etouffee), are all consistently excellent. The grilled shrimp and catfish are also very good. The salad is pitiful but comes with the meal. Try the house dressing, it's a red bell -pepper concoction that is very good most times.

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                                      Thanks. It all sounds good, I've been to Cafe des Amis in BB a couple of times and liked it. I heard last week that Alex Patout was at Landry's of New Iberia. How is it?