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May 10, 2007 01:22 PM

Southern CT Best Farmers Market

Whose has the best variety of fruits and vegetables and which farmers are worth the money? Also looking more for organic, Thanks.

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  1. In New Haven County, Bishop's Orchad is wonderful. Guilford, CT

    1. The weekly farmer's markets operated by CitySeed in New Haven are small, but good. Lots of organic foods for sale. Their Wooster Square market opens for the season next Saturday, with the NY Times' Mark Bittman as a special guest. See for info.

      1. M&M Farms in Milford. They also have a butcher, fishmonger, Italian deli/grocery, bakery and Chinese grocery.

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          While I love M&M for what it is, it should not be confused with a "farmer's market". They sell wholesale produce which is not sourced locally. Their eggs are local-ish (Mitlitsky's, from Lebanon), and their dairy might be local, but their veggies and fruit are not, at least not for the most part. Locavores should stick to the Wooster Square CitySeed market.

        2. At Darien's Wednesday market, you should check out Riverbank for fresh, organic veggies. And for fruit - Woodland Farm is terrific - peaches, berries and apples galore. I believe both these farmers are in New Canaan on Saturdays too, The big plus, they both grow everything they sell. Not every farmer at these markets do!

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            eventdiva: When do these markets start again for the season. I love New Canaan, how does darien compare? Thanks

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              What farmers at the market do not grow there own products? I thought that all farms grow there own. who in the market is not?

            2. City Seed in Wooster Square is great once local veggies are in season.