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Utz' Chips [Split from New Ortleans board]

I recently discovered Grandma Utz potato chips, which surpass Zaps', only 'cause they are fried in....wait for it....LARD.

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  1. Utz are good, no doubt! They've some fun flavs to try too. If memory serves... "Ketchup" and "New England Crab" and "Hamburger". I remember liking the hamburger one.

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      Uh-oh. You guys have got me going on Grandma Utz' Potato Chips. Next trip down, I have GOT to try these. If for no other reason, than they sound so "over-the-top."

      1. re: Bill Hunt

        Oh, they're not local. Distributed in the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic. Here's the Utz website with distribution locations: http://www.utzsnacks.com/about_distce...

        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          Hungry Celeste,

          I looked at the site, but did not see LA (that's Louisiana for everyone on THIS board) on it. Not local, eh? But, available in NOLA? We have not seen them in AZ, even though we have a lot of "boutique chips." Still, I've gotta' keep an eye out for 'em.

          Thanks for the update and URL,

          1. re: Bill Hunt

            I never said you could get them in LA! I just said they had surpassed Zapp's as my favorite chip.

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              Utz is out of Hanover, Pa, maybe 30 miles northwest of Baltimore. Not sure how far they distribute so mail-order might be the way to go.



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                Utz are regular, supermarket chips. Definitely not 'botique.' They also have a brand called 'Mystic' which have 'Dark Russet' and 'Salt and Vinegar.' These are the saltiest and 'vinegariest' chips I've eaten. Delicious!

        2. Oh yes, the Grandma Utz handcooked chips are greatness!

          I also love the Utz Ripples. Didn't much care for the Salt & Vinegar though...too vinegary.

          1. I saw these at the local drugstore when I visited DC a couple months ago. I was going to get them, but then I took a double-take when I saw the lard ingredient. The SoCal-health-conscious-paranoia part got the better of me. :P

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              My cajun DNA goes "whoo-hoo!" and compels me to buy anything with lard listed as an ingredient!

            2. We used to get their Carolina BBQ one all the time, very vinegary. And, a crab one, too, with Old Bay seasoning. Now I'll have to pick up some. They have a factory tour where you can see it being made, but you're behind glass. Fun but not nearly as fun as Jelly Belly.

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                yes, the crab ones are great! go well with a tuna sandwich

              2. Grandma Utz is my go-to chip of choice. In fact, they taste more like the original Charles Chips than the stuff the new Charles Chip Co is peddling now. The Old Bay chips are a close second.

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                1. re: monkeyrotica

                  I'm from Maryland and I think Utz only ships to the tri-state area to keep the freshness of their product. Utz is the only brand of chips I will eat especially with a good tuna fish sandwich on white bread. If I can't have Utz then I don't get a tuna sandwich.

                  1. re: lrebetsky0423

                    "If I can't have Utz, I don't want no tuna, baby..." 8<D

                    Utz regular chips in the red and white bag are pretty much the only regular chips we waste precious calories on.

                    1. re: lrebetsky0423

                      Utz will *SHIP* anywhere in the US, including AK and HI.

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                        Utz chips are delivered to many stores in New England as well - not just the tri-state area.

                    2. Utz's is the "local" great chip here in NJ. Glad to see they made it to NOLA.

                      When I was in Seattle, I had some Tim's chips, locals I think, Boy they were good! Anyone know more about them?

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                        Tim's are distributed along the west coast. Originated in seattle area. Kettle style chips that are the crunchiest I have tried. On another note I was not that impressed with utz's when i tried them. Nothing stood out as extraordinary to me.

                      2. Utz are cooked/fried in cottonseed oil. Who told you they're fried in lard?

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                          Different oils for different chips.

                          The Grandma Utz chips are cooked in lard. The Homestyle (I think) are cooked in peanut oil. There are several varieties that are cooked in cottonseed oil.

                          The Grandma Utz chips really stand out when you eat some alonng with a non-lard variety.



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                            Ah yes than you, I revisited the website and see that now. I've never had those. Will have to try.

                        2. Utz makes some great chips. I like their 'dark' chips quite a bit. And the Grandma version, in lard, are great too. There's quite a few PA-Dutch producers that use lard (Gibbles is one).



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                            I'll get Grandma Utz when I can get them, but the Gibbles lard chips are more than a few notches above Utz's. The Gibbles I had from PA were lighter, thinner in cut, but very velvety at the same time, in a very nice way. Fresh lard chips - good stuff.

                          2. The Carolina BBQ are heavenly... like a cross between salt and vinegar and BBQ chips.

                            Utz is a pretty low-key brand, they don't make any claims of being "gourmet" but they're fantastic. And if you're ever in Lancaster, PA, you can buy fresh bags of Utz's at the Central Market, along with every variety they make... The PA Dutch are serious about their salty snacks.

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                              Utz does have a couple of "gourmet" brands (Mystic and Natural), but their main line is just right. Love the Crab Chip with Old Bay seasoning. And salt and vinegar pork rinds.....


                              1. re: monkeyrotica

                                They also make a 'Salt & Pepper' version that I enjoy.


                                1. re: monkeyrotica

                                  Love the Crab Chips as Mder anything with Old Bay on it is a sure bet I put it on my popcorn, all sorts of stuff and Grandma Utz so crunchy and good it is my favorite for on sandwiches (yes on not with, although I would eat it with too)... not so keen on the Salt and Pepper.

                                  Route 66 has crab chips too, but I don't like them as much as Utz too much seasoning and salt it is overwelming.

                              2. I love Utz. I used to eat them in NYC. Here in LA, I go for Lay's brand. Yum.

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                                  I can,and do,occasionally get Utz chips at the local store.But i usually opt for Lay's.

                                2. Utz chips are my favorite - my first stop when I go back home is for a Wawa sandwich and a bag of Utz Carolina BBQ!