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May 10, 2007 01:04 PM

Best Al Pastor in the SD??

I really like El Cuervo's version. Anyone doing it better? Thanks!

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  1. Check out El Asadero on El Cajon, near 70th. They put pineapple on the rotisserie and shave that off along with the meat.

    1. I love the al pastor at Tacos el gordo. When in north county i go to LOs Tacos in Oceanside. It is muy muy bueno.

      1. I finally got the chance to try El Cuervo. Great TJ-style al pastor mini tacos. The carne asada was horrible though -- gristley, hard, bad flavor. I'll definitely be back for the mini tacos though.

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        1. re: mangiatore

          The only things worth eating at El Cuervo are al pastor and carnitas. (The carnitas are really good, def. try them)

          1. re: Josh

            Thanks for the rec. I'll definitely try the carnitas next time.

            1. re: Josh

              Really? Have you had any of the rare specials, such as buche or lengua, sometimes available as mini-tacos? What about the pollo al carbon, sometimes available?

              I agree that those two are the most solid choices, however.

              1. re: Joseph

                You're right, I fell into the CH trap of speaking in absolutes. Next thing I'll be saying "hands down". :P

                Of the items I've had there, I've only ever ordered carnitas or al pastor more than once. Their other items I've found to be not to my liking.

            2. re: mangiatore

              I agree with that the carne asada is bad in the mini-tacos at El Cuervo but for some reason it is super delicious in their carne chips & carne burritos. And I have taste tested the later two items quite often as that is what the bf buys while I get the mini tacos. Also, I recently tried the chicken adobado (in mini tacos & in burritos) which is quite good as well.

            3. Try Chuey’s Numero Uno. Its been around for ever and wasn't always top notch but they've gotten a new chief and the food is pretty damn authentic.