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May 10, 2007 12:48 PM

Source? Jamon Serrano

Entertaining a big crowd on Sunday. Doing a Spanish theme with salt cod brandade, seafood paella, rabbit & chorizo stew, hearts of palm salad, etc. Looking for a good source for Iberian Ham to put out with the appetizers. Montgomery County preferred. No NOVA.


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  1. Why don't you call one of the Spanish restaurants in DC and see where they get theres.

    1. Try this place, Pappy: I used to go quite a bit when I worked in Chevy Chase. It's small, but with a good selection. They have cool paella pans as well.

      Cocinero Cubano

      1. Look, you want the ham or not?

        Arrowine in that horrible place known as "NOVA" has it.

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          1. re: mgmclaughlin

            Actually, A&H is where I got the rabbits and salt cod, but I guess I didn't notice the ham.

            And Arrowine is where I do all my wine shopping. Probably in there once a month. I know they have a deli/cheese counter. MGMclaughlin: Do they slice the ham per order? I've never noticed it.

            1. re: Pappy

              Yes, they do slice per order- I order quite a bit from them, not just of ham but their soppresata is better than what is offered by the Italian store, and their proscuitto is often better as well (just a bit better selection)

              1. re: jpschust

                I would go to they sell iberico versions of chorizo, salchichon, cantimpalo, morcilla, jamon, etc. It's the best selection of spanish products i've seen. I like A+H and I'm a regular customer, but they're embutidos are not nearly as good as what la tienda has to offer. Give it a shot and let me know what you think. Of course you need to plan ahead for this b/c you are ordering from the internet unless you want to go to their store in Williamsburg VA

                1. re: cleveland park

                  I have a certain level of uncomfortableness when ordering things like this off the net. The only things I seem to order off the net are like hudson valley foie just because I have yet to see anyone sell it around the DC area in the supply I'm looking for when I am cooking it for folks. (At least not at a reasonable price). Which reminds me- need more foie.

                  1. re: jpschust

                    I'm usually hesitant too, but i was so desperate to get the quality of products that la tienda has that in an act of desperation I went ahead and ordered online and so far i can't complain. Many restaurants order from them including Jaleo and Taberna del alabardero and like cocinero cubano pointed, they tend to mark down a few products on special which end up being decent deals.

                2. re: jpschust

                  Do you know where they get their soppresata?

                  1. re: Smokey

                    I don't offhand, but I'm sure if you called them they'd tell you- better yet, it's rare that I say this about a wine shop, it's very very worth going in to. I adore the staff in there- a little rough around the edges at time but man do these folks know EXACTLY what they are talking about. Any shop that I can walk into and say, "I've got a lingering taste for a mineral bomb with hints of apple, maybe a touch of vanilla and a little citrus flavor too" and goes "Here you go, try this" and it's exactly what I want is a winner with me.

                3. re: Pappy

                  They sure do. They have lomo as well. I picked up some serrano a few months ago; Aldo, Neal, or Billy will slice it however thick or thin you need it. Another place to try, though a bit farther, is Cheesetique. Arrowine is up the block from me, so I go there more often.

                  La Tienda is fantastic, but as Cleveland Park points out, it's in WBurg and you'd need to plan ahead for delivery, etc. They have good specials and have recently added a special section called Club Tienda wherein they have items marked way down, usually because they're overstocked.

                  Cocinero Cubano

                  1. re: Cocinero Cubano

                    I have looked at the La Tienda website with longing. I still dream about the great lomo iberico and jamon iberico pata negra I had in Barcelona on my last trip.... Are these products as good as the ones I had in Spain? Because if they really are, I'd be happy to pay top dollar from this site. Your experiences please!

                    1. re: moh

                      I can tell you it helps my cravings. The jamon is good but the lomo iberico is better and the chorizo is tops if comparing to spain. It's worth it. They are not as good but worth the price

                      1. re: cleveland park

                        Thanks very much! I understand the need to appease cravings. Now the next important question. Do they deliver to Canada??? If not, I'll just have start saving for a trip back.

              2. I know that my father in law buys serrano at Calvert Woodley