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May 10, 2007 12:47 PM

dining suggestions around durham bulls?

hey, hope we can catch someone before we head out to the durham bulls game tonight...any suggestions about where to eat before or after the game? thanks!

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  1. Do a search on here for "Ninth Street" and I'm sure lots of good info will pop up. There are several good restaurants on Ninth could probably just go and walk around and find someplace that looks good. Its located just west of downtown.

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      There are 4 restaurants right across the street from the stadium in the American Tobacco campus. I can only recommend 2 of them and that may be pushing it. Tyler's Taproom has the best beer selection in Durham and there food is fairly typical bar & grill type fare. Nothing that will get you too excited, but fairly good burgers and sandwiches. You can sit outside as well. Mellow Mushroom is right on the corner and that is a pizza place. I would call it "california style" even though it is mostly a NC chain. Medium thinkness with lots of toppings. Crust is whole wheat. They have good beers as well. Depending on when you are going you may be able to hop into Piedmont. You will get a tremendous meal at good prices, but it is more of a sit down dinner and I'm not sure what you are looking for before the game and if kids are involved. A new Irish Pub opened up in the old Joe & Joe's space on Main St, but I can only recommend the drinks there. Give me more details on what you are looking for and we can find you a place.