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What to make with spring rolls?

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I'm having some people over tomorrow and making vietnamese style spring rolls (some shrimp, some pork) and need something to go with. Any suggestions?

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  1. like a dip? or like a main?

    fried rice!

    1. Maybe a nice curry dish with some rice - seem to recall some recent HC threads on Thai curries. I think of the spring rolls as an appetizer.

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          yeah, i like having hefty spring rolls with dipping sauces as a main. but definitely need something to go with. thanks for these suggestions so far!

        2. my mom usually makes spring rolls bigger and heartier like you for a meal.
          she makes a hot & spicy soup like a thai soup or the vietnamese canh chua to sip on while eating the rolls. i think its the perfect compliment to the fresh, cold rolls.

          1. How about goi ga (cabbage salad w/chicken)? I know somebody posted a recipe for it a while back.

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              I like both of those ideas!! I will check both out. Thank you!!