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May 10, 2007 12:40 PM

Wolfe Burgers ... or why a "heartburn-on-a-plate" is sometimes SO worth it

Wolfe Burgers ( ) in Pasadena has been posted on these boards before, so I won't go into the lurid details about their fabulous condiment bar or the great zucchini fries or their yummy chorizo breakfast burritos.

No, what's worth mentioning this time around is Wolfe Burger's "Lobo".

What's a Lobo, you ask?

No, they haven't gone exotic and started serving game meats. A "Lobo" at Wolfe Burger is a mischiveious creation of 2 beef tamales, topped with enough chili to drown a small suburb, and then garnished with handfuls of cheese, tomatoes, and green onions.

They call it a "Lobo" ... I call it a heartburn-on-a-plate.

This is good stuff ... good stuff in the way that a bag of Fritos Corn Chips drenched in chili is good stuff. Not gourmet, more like softball game and picnic food.

How did it taste? Well, the chili was a bit sweet and not as spicy as I would like, but the tamales (even hidden underneath all that gunk) was very good, albeit not great.

But you can't judge a dish like this on individual pieces. It has to be taken as a whole .. and, as one combo meal, it scores 5 out of 5 Mylantas in my book.


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    1. I haven't been to W.B. since Josephine (owner) passed but with posts like your's I may have to head over there, I do miss 'The Big Bad Wolfe'!!!

      As far as the chili not being spicy enough, I would humbly suggest a touch of Tabasco and a large pile of yellow chilis followed by an extra Mylanta, side effects may include but are not limited to.........oops, that's off topic!

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      1. re: sel

        Has anyone tried their pork chops? I got some at Nano (Pas location) last week, and they were very dry. They were better leftover fried in a little butter with a lot of fresh ground pepper. I'm looking for something better. I've also tried Cafe 322, tiny tiny dry chop.

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        1. I used to stop at Tommy's in Barstow ,everytime i got to socal area, and get a their version that was pretty close to what you described,along with a Tommy burger mmmmm Messylicous!, in N.M. we always called these wonderfully spicy treats,a Tamale pie, or a Deluxe Tamale...anyway you slice it good stuff,as for the heartburn...drink some milk before,and after,that should take care of the problem.....enjoy!

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          1. re: jword2001

            In college (LMU!), my roomy and I always hit the Rampart Tommy's after a night out punking it up.

            God I loved those big, messy burgers.

            Dodging the bullets, not so much. :)

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