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May 10, 2007 12:29 PM

A different Des Moines, IA request

I lived in DM for awhile and this weekend I'll be going back to have a get together with a bunch of college friends. We've all been in DM at least a few times and we've been to a few places, but I'd like to hear from the posters here about places for groups to get together.

We'll probably be going to Hessen Haus once, and probably Felix & Oscars as well. Buca's would've been perfect but they're closed now.

Any suggestions for a couple (5 - 7) 30 something guys? Drinking isn't particularly high on the list, but someplace to sit back after a meal and shoot the sh!t would get bonus points. Double extra bonus points for a good dessert selection (ok, that's just me asking...but still!).

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  1. Look for Azalea, the new place by local celeb chef Jeremy Morrow, a block north of Court Ave Brewery (which would also be a good choice)