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May 10, 2007 11:59 AM

Oasis Falafel - Major Disappointment

Tried it for the first time today - what a let down! Cold falafel, not nearly enough hot sauce and too dry. Granted, next time I'll know how to order it to address the hot sauce issue, but is there a better time to go where I'm certain to get freshly-cooked falafel?

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  1. Not in my experience. Get some extra tahini maybe to address the moisture.

    1. You might try specifically ordering it or going just before their noon rush but I've never had a particularly good falafel there.

      Oasis Falafel
      91 Drumm Street (between California St & Market St)
      San Francisco, CA 94111
      (415) 781-0313

      1. I like the falafel there, but I'm not fussy about how hot my food is. They really will customize it the way you want -- for example, I don't like tomatoes, so I always ask for the cucumber in yogurt sauce instead of the tomatoes on mine. The hot sauce can be really hot, so be careful what you ask for!

        1. I always thought falafel were the equivalent of edible hockey pucks until I had the yummy ones at Daphne Greek Cafe. Then I discovered the fresh, soft, delicious ones at Neto in Mt. View.