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May 10, 2007 11:59 AM

Bachelor Party Dinner Suggestions? (Gramercy or nearby)

Looking for dinner suggestions for my brother's bachelor party, where we'll be in Manhattan on a Saturday night. We're having a whole night out - with one destination in the Gramercy area - and I'm hoping for a great-but-casual dinner somewhere somewhat nearby. Trouble is, I live in LA and my knowledge of the area and the good eats in Manhattan is sorely lacking.

As for other tricky limitations: my brother is not the most adventurous eater you could ever meet and the other groomsmen may not have the budget for a super-pricey meal. That said, I still want it to be a great meal at a great place.

One thought I had was OTTO which is not too far away, but I have no idea if it's absolutely impossible to get a reservation on a Saturday night and whether it's a nice enough place for a special occassion.

Any suggestions my dear Hounds? Truly appreciated.

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  1. What is "super-pricey" and how many?

    For a bachelor party, I always think steak. In or near that hood, check out the Knickerbocker or especially Strip House.

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    1. re: ronoc

      There will be six of us. I don't have an exact price limit. Four of the guys (including the groom) are in their early 20s. Two of us are older and make quite a bit more money. It is a special occasion and I know we'll spend plenty, but I'm just trying to be considerate of those on tighter budgets.

      Thanks for those suggestions though! Can't wait to check 'em out.

      1. re: ronoc

        I think for steak, in the area, Angelo and Maxies may be a better bet - slightly less expensive than Strip House.

        Another good option may be Blue Smoke for bbq.

        1. re: harrison

          If you want steak, I'd rather spend the extra money (maybe an additional $10 per steak) and go to a real steakhouse than settle for Angelo and Maxies. In Gramercy'ish area, Strip House is the best steakhouse but might be too subdued to set the mood right for a Bachelor Party. Also BLT Prime on 22nd and Park is a great steakhouse and more lively than Strip House. Wolfgang's is on 33rd and Park also has a better, more lively atmosphere than Strip House but the steak isn't as good.

          I like the Blue Smoke suggestion. 27th between Park and Lex. Sort of upscalish bbq with great beer and bourbon selection and a good crowd. I don't particularly like Dos Caminos, mexican, on Park and 26th but that might also be a good choice for a bachelor party.

          1. re: ESNY

            I'll third the Blue Smoke rec. Since you have a group with different tastes/price points it will have more options for everyone, more so than a steakhouse.

            I don't care for Dos Caminos either though the atmosphere is right for a bachelor party dinner. The food is more upscale Mexican and Steviejoe, since you are from LA, you'll be disappointed.

            1. re: Schmoopie

              Fifth Blue Smoke! Awesome BBQ as well as a GREAT selection of beers and a fun atmosphere. Perfect for bachelor party- even have some fish dishes if there are any vegetarians.

      2. Great suggestions so far. I wanted to throw a curve ball into the mix, since we're talking bachelor party. There are two really great, historical, old-timey bars in that area that would be well suited to a bachelor party atmosphere, but would be a total departure from the route you'd be going by selecting Otto. If you don't want to eat at these places, they'd be good to stop for drinking after dinner.

        Old Town Bar on 18th between Park and Broadway. Good burgers.

        The other is Pete's Tavern on Irving Place. Again, great burgers.

        1. Not the 'hood you want but not to far is Maloney & Pocelli. They have the steak and win dinner Cite used to offer....3 course meal (including steak) and all you can drink wine (and its decent wine) for $75. This might be out of your price range but check it out.

            1. Minus two guys that punked out on us, Ive pretty much got the same scenario next weekend in the city, except two of us are coming from FL and the other 2 live there. We've got an afternoon Yankees game but after that we need to eat and continue the festivities. Not sure whether it'll be a midtown/SOHO/downtown evening. Any suggestions??--Im working with about the same budget...not cheap but not overboard and I dont expect too much from the other guys.