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May 10, 2007 11:15 AM

oc sushi: sunday lunch?

i know it's not a great idea to have sushi on a sunday, but i wanted to treat my mom to a sushi lunch on mother's day. i would love to try sushi wasabi, but they're closed. any recommendations?


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  1. Best I've had in the OC, and open for Sunday lunch:

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    1. re: sfglutton

      Second that one if you can get in. The restaurant doesn't sit that many.

      1. re: notmartha

        Thirding it, hopefully you can get a seat. Great fish quality and presentation, and a nice environment for mom's day. You could even head over to Crystal Cove beach afterwards and walk around. Downside: the omakase (if you choose to go that route) isn't really filling so you may need to order extra items. I wish I had known this before, cause we weren't even full after eating our dessert course, so we had to order more food; kind of messed up the flow of the meal (but we ended up with some awesome toro, so it worked out fine).

        1. re: I got nothin

          Must depend on your appetite. Both my hubbie and dad were full with the omakase, not stuffed, but not hungry. There's also a sushi lunch special that's pretty filling.

          Plus you can always top it off by walking over to Pacific Whey and get a cupcake or something.

          1. re: notmartha

            I concur. Bluefin is *THE* place. Perfect for a special occasion.

            Here are some photos of the venue and its food:

            1. re: notmartha

              Might have been caused by my insatiable desire for raw fish

      2. bluefin was perfect. mom loved it. thanks for the rec.