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Best cupcake in Chicago?

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    1. Depends on what type you are looking for, but my all time favorites, including chocolate and red velvet are from Fox and Obel. I also happen to love Sweet Mandy Bs for a sugar rush--just their plain vanilla. I did not at all like the new palce Swirlz on Orchard. No flavor to icing and cake not very moist.

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        I second Sweet Mandy Bs! Absolutely perfect cupcakes.

      2. sarah's pastries and candies at Oak and Rush for sure!! Try the Black and White cupcake for a cool riff on an old standard

        1. Sweet Mandy B's yellow cake cupcake with chocolate frosting!

          1. Try Couture Cupcakes in Lake Zurich, Il. They are really good. I've been to all the places in NYC - these are better. They are located on Rte.12 near Deer Park Shopping. All are great. My favorites are Heavenly Swine (with bacon - yes, it is unbelievably good), their root beer cupcake, their smores cupcake and their skinny cupcake (100 cals.). They also make a cupcake muffin that is simply unbelievable. I am so picky, so this recommendation hopefully helps you out,