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May 10, 2007 10:46 AM

Saturday bruch in Providence for a group of 15-20?

I'm throwing a brunch birthday party for a friend and can't figure out where to go. Sitting on the patio at Jake's was our first choice, but it seems they don't serve bruch on Saturdays. The Rue and Oak don't seem casual enough for our group. Anyone have any suggestions?

We might end up at Julians... maybe Nick's? Does Nick's have good bloody marys? Also, does Nick's have outdoor seating? We'd love to sit outside (weather permitting), but it's most important for us to go to a fun casual place with good bloody marys.


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  1. I don't think Nick's has outdoor seating, but since it has just gotten nice enough for it to be a question recently, I could be wrong. Julians has a backyard which might be perfect, maybe they would let you book it with some advance warning. Either way I'm sure you already realize you should call and make a reservation somehow, since both of those places are usually rammed on Saturday mornings.

    i know that a lot of folks like J's Bloody Mary's--I don't drink 'em, so I have no idea.

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      I would suggest the Waterman Grille (the Old Gate House), they have a small function room that feels like an enclosed patio.

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        Have you been yet? I'm dying to try it.

    2. i am fairly certain that neither nick's nor julian's take reservations. and if you are with 20 people- that is about half the capacity of nick's, so im not sure you should try it there.

      also, the rue is not fancy at all for brunch. it is quite casual and the bloody mary's are decent. you might try red stripe in wayland square- also casual with a great bloody mary. i cant seem to think of anywhere that has a large outdoor seating capacity- most places just have a couple little tables thrown outside on the sidewalk!

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        Also, the Rue has a side room that would be perfect for a large group, and definitely casual for brunch.

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          I completely agree with tomatosoup - it's a long enough wait at either Nick's or Julian's on a weekend when it's just my husband and myself. Also, Julian's service can be quite spotty, so I would be concerned about hitting them with 15-20 people all at once.

          In addition to alternatives already mentioned, I think CAV is also a viable option. Solid brunch, and a lot more space... they may also be willing to entertain a reservation. Good luck!

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            I LOVE brunch at CAV, but if they are concerned w/the fanciness level of Rue, then I'd say CAV is out. I agree that the side room (bar?) at Rue is a good option.

        2. Nick's has good bloody marys (I think Julians' bloodys get the slight nod). I don't think either place could accomodate your group, but it's worth calling to ask.

          Other options include: Trinity Brewhouse (outdoor patio), Red Stripe, or Taqueria Pacifica with it's nice big plate glass windows (you'll need to give them some fair warning; they may not be able to accomodate either).

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            Taqueria Pacifica sounds like a great option. Anyone know if their bar is open during breakfast? Red Stripe might also be an option. I can't imagine they don't have good breakfast drinks...


          2. Does it have to be Providence? Efendi's Mediterrean Grille in Cranston has a large outdoor patio and they do Sunday brunch. (and a parking lot - I love a restaurant w/a parking lot!)

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              Z Bar on Wickenden has a great outdoor patio that is fairly large and they serve a good brunch. They used to have a breakfast special that came with either a mimosa or something else (can't remember). Not sure if they are doing it anymore as I have not been in awhile. Can't speak for the Bloody Mary's, though. Not too fancy, certainly not outdoors anyway.

            2. Agree that both the Rue and (especially) Oak are not at all fancy----both very casual, though Oak's brunch is just okay. I'd head straight for the Rue (and hope they take a reservation for that large a party). I've heard Paragon has a great brunch too, but it's not very open air.

              And I like the Efendi's recommendation too. Was going to say Cafe Luna, if you're willing to do Cranston, but not sure what their brunch situation is, only that their food is great and they tend to be very accommodating.

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              1. We ended up at LJ's. The service was great and the were very willing to accomodate our large group. Everyone enjoyed their food and drinks, and we would definitely go back!

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                  While LJ's lacks a certain something in both local (strip mall) and vibe (kinda low key and a bit too middle of the road interior) I have had nothing but consistently very good to excellent meals.

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                    Is the LJ's on East Ave in Pawtucket? I just checked out their web page and it looks like they stir up quite a bit of good press -- looks like fun!

                    So what was the most-adored of the food? how much per entree, more or less?

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                      Yup, that's where it is. I have never been for brunch, though. There dinner prices range from about $7 for a pulled pork sandwich to around $20 for a big combo rib plate. I have had nothing but good experiences at LJ's and highly recommend it.

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                        i feel very differently. i thought the food was quite awful in fact- but have only been for dinner, not brunch.