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May 10, 2007 10:12 AM

South St. Louis recomendations

Going to St. Louis the wekend of 5/18 for two nights. We will be staying at the Holiday Inn on Lindbergh road. Whats to die for? Almost any type of food or price range.

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  1. If this is the Holiday Inn on Lindbergh at Watson, then you are near Laumeier Sculpture Park. Check the chowhound thread for Laumeier.

    If you do not mind driving into St. Louis, I am a big fan of Tanner B's on Shenandoah.

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    1. re: Doug

      In south county. That is tough. Not much going on there. You have to go to downtown Kirkwood or Webster Groves.

      In addition to the Laumeier Park recs, I would say go to Citizen Kanes for a phenomenal steak.

      1. re: Doug

        Up Lindbergh Ave (called Kirkwod Rd. when you cross into Kirkwood) in Kirkwood is Cafe Provencal and the Blue Water Grill. If you are not from St. Louis avoid St. Louis style "pizza" -- other than the crust, sauce, and cheese it's not bad. As already mentioned Dewey's for pizza in downtown Kirkwood is good, as is Racanelli's - a New York style pizza that in New York would be only average.

        Decent but unremarkable sushi is at Tokyo Sushi a little south on Lindbergh. The best sushi in St. Louis -- and some of the best this former chef has had -- is about a half hour away; Yoshi's in suburban Chesterfield. If you're a sushi hound or Jfood hound it's worth a trip. Tell them I sent you. (The guy in the scooter; I'm a lunch regular). Yoshi was already very good and then worked at Iron Chef Morimoto's place in Philly.

        Further south on Lindbergh are two pretty good Italian places -- Bartolino's South or Roberto's. They're about 15 minutes away.

        1. re: Richard 16

          So how much correlation is there between the food of Bartolino's on the Hill and Bartolino's South? I have been to Bartolino's on the Hill and found them a little inconsistent in quality.

          1. re: Phaedrus

            <<So how much correlation is there between the food of Bartolino's on the Hill and Bartolino's South? I have been to Bartolino's on the Hill and found them a little inconsistent in quality.>>

            They're very different -- Bartalino's South is *much* better. And Roberto's, recently moved from Afton to Concord Plaza, is one of the better Italian places I've been to in St. Louis. (I must confess to being spoiled by great, inexpensive Italian -- I grew up near Boston, and the North End leaves The Hill in the dust...)

      2. For a quick and cheap lunch, try P'sgettis on lindberg near Tesson Ferry. MMMgood. I usually get the mostaccioli with (this is a must) provel cheese (there smallest dish, ale carte I believe, is plenty big). Also, if you go there you MUST get either pizza bread or garlic cheese bread. Their bread is a sweet french loaf style that is to die for with the garlic and provel cheese on top!

        Also, you could try Eat Rite diner that is about a block west/north of P'sgettis.

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        1. re: pixelbender

          Eat provel cheese at your own risk. It's a well-documented St. Louis staple whose appeal continually confounds those of us who didn't grow up here. Here's Wikipedia's take: ProvelĀ® is a white cheese-based processed food that is popular in St. Louis, Missouri. Provel is produced with cheddar, swiss, and provolone. It is soft at room temperature, with a gooey and almost buttery texture. The low melting point makes it the traditional topping for St. Louis-style pizza, for example Imo's Pizza.

        2. Head to Dewey's Pizza on Kirkwood Road for the best pizza in town - not far at all from your hotel. And I would second Citizen Kane's for great steaks.

          Also, head up Highway 44 a bit and go to King Louie's. Great food, in a most unlikely location surrounded by industrial buildings. Always great.

          1. It makes me sad you've had so few replies...we could probably use a little more information.Will you have a car? Do you mind driving 15-20 minutes? The location you will be staying is out in the county (which is the more suburban part of the metro area), and you are kind of in strip-mall heaven...not to worry, though. Nothing in St. Louis is very far away, you just might need to hop on Highway 44 and come a little further east...I'm a city girl, most of my rec's are going to be in the South Grand, Central West End, South City areas...all easily accessible from 44.
            If you are going to be limited to cabs or hoofing it, you might want to ask for Kirkwood reccomendations, it's a nice little area just to your south, but not one I'm all that familiar with.

            1. Pizza-Fortel's
              Fergies-Brain sandwiches (really good)
              Bartolino's South-not bad
              These are just a few places on the south side that came to mind but there are many more