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May 10, 2007 09:53 AM

Been to Follia, Boka, Pane Caldo, Aigre doux lately?

Has anyone been to any of the above lately? Have sister in law in town and need some seriously good food for her...any thoughts?

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  1. I love Boka. The food is very good, and if the weather is good, the outdoor seating area is gorgeous.

    I've been to Aigre Doux once for lunch. I thought the food was very good, but not outstanding. I think that my expectations were too high, based on all the hype the restaurant was getting. Aigre Doux definitely has proponents on this board though.

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      thanks! i love boka, too, but have not been since new chef took over 3/1/07--have you? if so, what did you like-last time she was here from NYC took her to le lan and had bad dinner by the new chef-so need to make sure this one is better? the dinner is tonight and the patio is open, so I thought it would be a great venue to sip somme wine and catch up. aigre doux seems too trendy and loud for that...

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        I didn't realize that Boka changed chefs. The last time I was there was in January, so I haven't experienced the new regime yet.

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          It is a chef from Trotters. I will let you know how it is...

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            SUZ: Did not make it there last night as sister in law did not make it in town. Once we go, though, I will let you know on this thread how it was!

      2. I went to Aigre Doux for dinner and thought that it was spectacular in every way. You can read my report, and those of others, at

        1. I've been to Boka, Follia, and Aigre Doux within the past two months, so I've had the pleasure of experiencing the new chef at Boka. Of these three, I would say Boka had the best food, followed by Aigre Doux and Follia. All three courses I had at Boka were flawless - the potato soup, duck breast, blood orange creme brulee, and the service was fantastic. At Aigre Doux, I was not so excited by the artichoke soup, and while the turbot was good, I did not like some of the accompaniments as much, and the panna cotta was good. Obviously all a matter of personal opinion, but those are my thoughts!

          1. My wife and I had a sensational meal at Boka on Friday night. After reading some of the posts on Chowhound and realizing that we would be in the area of Boka I snagged an early reservation and we proceeded to enjoy one spectacular meal! I will write a report on each course for the discussion group but overall we would have to give the service and the food the highest marks. Flawless.

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              I am going to Boka in near future, glad to hear it was so enjoyable for you and i'm anxious to read your course report.