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May 10, 2007 09:26 AM

Strip House Needs A Good Spanking

I first sank my teeth into a glorious filet mignon at the Strip House in 2000. My how things change.

I remember the amuse bouche being a wonderful touch, the shrimp cocktail succulent and spicy, the bone marrow a surprising treat, the service humble and attentive and, of course, the best steak I'd had to-date. Subsequently, it became our special place for 6 years, where we knew we'd walk out of there having fixed our steak-night jones. I loved it so much that I only told my closest friends how good it truly was, so that it wouldn't get too popular.

Then, in 2006 a steak-o-phyle friend and I went for a celebratory martini/steak dinner and waited for 1 hour between appetizers and mains with no sign of our waiter. We thought he might be trapped under large furniture and unable to get to our steaks. When he arrived with them they were the wrong ones and had to be sent back. Okay, everybody has a bad night once in a while, so I kept the faith and moved on. Next time I went was with 3 friends for a birthday celebration. Not a large party by any means, and yet, despite our 8pm reservation on a Tuesday night, they couldn't find a place to put us. So we waited... till 9:45. And then they rushed us though our meal.

K. One last time. My birthday. 2007. 8:30 rezzie. Met husband at bar for martini. Waited till 9:45 to be seated. Ordered appetizers. Ordered a great bottle of wine. Enjoying both when waiter approaches and pulls appetizers off table - mid-bite. Okay... maybe steak (porterhouse to share) came out quicker than was expected. Nope. One half hour later, out came a mess of chopped-up dried up overdone meat and gristle. Speechless. We couldn't keep from laughing. We asked the waiter if he would eat the mess. No, was his reply. Could we try again, please. Of course, he replies and off he went. 6 minutes later he returns (by now it is 11:15pm) with a semi raw - not even rare - "steak" that couldn't be cut into. Husband had enough. Pays for wine and appetizer we didn't get to finish and we walk out, hysterically laughing.

Never again.

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  1. Wow... You and your husband are nicer people than I. I don't think that I would have paid for the apps or the wine! Sounds like the waiter wouldn't have even noticed.

    1. I couldn't agree with you more! I have been going to Strip House since they opened and have always had a supremely delicious meal, until the last 18 months. Never again will I shell out $130+ meal that is mediocre at best. If I have the time, I will shoot over to Peter Lugers, if, not, I will happily run to Keen's Steakhouse. The owners of Strip House should be ashamed of themselves!

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      1. re: eastvillagegirl

        Totally! The thing that really gets on my wick about Strip House is that the atmosphere was so unique for a steakhouse. Not only was the food amazing, but it was cozy and sexy at the same time. Unlike most that are so business-guy oriented. If you haven't already, you should give Dylan Prime (Tribeca) & BLT Prime (Gramercy) a try. Both great steaks. Dylan Prime has a pretty modern, sexy atmosphere and space and BLT is very open-air/modern. That's what we'll do from now on, I think, although I have yet to give Keens a try.

      2. I was there for dinner last week and it was pretty good. Decent martinis at the bar and we were seated within ten minutes of our reservation time (we arrived approx, 20 minutes early for drinks). The service was perfunctory to say the least but the food was yummy. The wine rec was lacking however.

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        1. re: Chuck Lawrence

          I've been going there since it opened and never had a bad meal or experience. The wait staff is first rate, the food blows away the other top steak houses in the city. Everyone I have been there with has loved it.

        2. Is there another place that has bone marrow on their menu. Last time I was in Manhattan, I had it at Michael Jordan's. We're from S.F and will be in town Memorial Day weekend!

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          1. re: edkar

            Hi edkar,

            I had some excellent bone marrow at Crispo, Blue Ribbon, and Landmarc. They are all decadent! =D

          2. You're breaking my heart. Its been my favorite place for steak for such a long time. I was last there over christmas and had a great meal. Hopefully they're just having a bad ├▓glitch period and all will get straighted out..........