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May 10, 2007 08:58 AM

Great Meal at FireLake Mpls

Hounds, I had a great meal at FireLake, inspired by the recent post of a visitor who had
asked for recs on where to eat, and ended up recommending this place to us....I
actually got my food to go, which is a major test for any restaurant's food. I did let the
boxes breathe a bit to let off the steam and prevent overcooking in transit. I was very impressed that they are using a styrofoam alternative of unbleached heavy cardboard
boxes. Got the lamb bbq ribs with a balsamic glaze- outrageous! They were perfect already
with the yummy fruity glaze (not sugary either!) but came with a thin red dipping sauce as
well. Also was amazed by the cornmeal crusted walleye that was recommended by the
visiting poster. I'm realizing something- I like walleye , but a lot of it lately has a rather
strong sweet taste that is ok but makes me wonder if it's farmed or something. The stuff
I had last night was delicate and reminded me of something just caught out of a lake.
It also didn't really need the homemade remoulade type sauce it came with. It normally
comes with fries (!!?) but I asked for their broccoli rabe/squash side, which was wonderful.
I think this place is somewhat under the radar , possibly since it's next to the Radisson and
maybe seems like a hotel type restaurant. Also their sandwich board out front with the
words 'MEAT AND MARTINIS' might not be the most refined message. What can I say-
it was great, and many of the entrees were under $20.

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  1. nice post, faith. read the menu with great interest, they were doing so well with local ingredients up until the starbucks after dinner coffee drinks-- you do wonder how much control the radisson chain holds over this place; the homepage makes it look like an independent restaurant, when in fact it is not. nevertheless they are members of heartland food network, they have a pit bbq, and they appear to have an awesome happy hour menu, which means i will eventually, inevitably find myself munching those bbq lamb ribs & i can't wait!

    1. It is a Radisson hotel restaurant.

      I'm glad you've had a good experience there. My meals there were so memorably bad that I will never return. They were so bad that I've been unable to leave that place without the manager apologizing and comping desserts, wine, etc.

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      1. re: Jordan

        Just curious Jordan- when is the last time you ate there?

        1. re: faith

          December, 2005. It was a holiday lunch for the office leadership. We had made a reservation for a private room, for a party of about 10. Time has blurred all the details, but I recall them being totally unready for us and having us wait in the bar for 20 minutes (in fact, we were preparing to order and actually EAT at the bar, lined up at the counter, when they finally got a table together for us). I recall a lot of dishes being sent back, problems with service, and most memorably, a dessert of fruit cobbler served in a small cast iron pan ... which was burned so badly that it was stuck to the pan.

      2. Faith, we also love those lamb ribs. The apple pannekoeken is good and we've never gone wrong getting something from the rotisserie. It could be in the basement of a Howard Johnson's for all I care, it is an easy stop for cocktails and nosh after work and the commitment to locally sourced products is a huge sell for us.