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May 10, 2007 08:49 AM

Real Peruvian or Mexican in Reston\Herndon area?

I'm looking for restaurant recs for either real Peruvian (not just the rotissiere chicken but also things like jugoso or lomo saltado) or Mexican (I really like The Real Taco! in Chantilly) in either the Reston or Herndon areas.

If no suggestions for those, then I'm looking for a casual (not too casual) restaurant in the area to meet a friend for dinner and catching up.


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  1. Pollos Inka in Herndon has not only very good chicken, but also a good selection of other dishes that I suspect are quite authentic -- when I go in for take-out I'm almost always the only non-Latino in the place, and the plates on the tables always look interesting.

    1. Well I have posted a list of authentic tacos in the area a few times, but somehow can't find it. However, it sounds like you might be looking more for the restaurant than the food. Does Rio match that then? In Town Center.

      From the list, El Chevre (sp?) in the clock tower of Sterling (Rt7 just west of dranesville rd) has many tables and good food.

      Teocalli Tamale in Herndon also has tables. You could do us all a favor and try Dorado to the left of it by a few store fronts and report back.

      If the weather is nice when you're meeting, Lake Anne cafe does a pretty nice fajitas and has outdoor seating.

      The rest of the list is either taco trucks, mercados, or too small to comfortably dine in.

      As Bob W states, Pollo Inka is the only true Peruvian left, now that (imo) the better Pollo Real is closed. There is a Guapo's in Herndon - on Elden near Fuddruckers - that has a full menu including the rotisserie pollo, but it is Guapo's.